Insurance Recovery


Our Insurance Recovery Group offers clients a depth of experience and acumen derived from decades of success. We have recovered billions of dollars for clients, developed innovative theories, achieved landmark rulings, and set precedents in insurance law. Policyholders throughout the United States and abroad, from Fortune 50 companies to individuals and the most prominent consulting and law firms, turn to us for our creative analysis, our breadth of experience, our international reputation, and winning results.

We don’t just practice insurance law; we help form and influence it with innovative strategies and legal theories that are recognized and accepted both by courts and legal commentators. Unlike many law firms, our Insurance Recovery lawyers have no mixed loyalties. We walk only on “one side of the street” when it comes to insurance matters. We represent insureds only—not insurers, reinsurers, or insurance brokers or agents.

Appellate Proceedings

Our attorneys have handled more than 50 appellate proceedings. They have participated  in and obtained landmark rulings from state and federal courts. Their published articles are cited by various courts, including the Arizona and California Supreme Courts.

Bad Faith

Our Insurance Recovery Group attorneys have successfully pursued bad faith, attorneys’ fees, and punitive damage claims against insurers in a wide range of contexts, including for advertising injury claims, environmental claims, and claims over losses from Superstorm Sandy.


We  play a central role in all phases of a bankruptcy proceeding, from assessing coverage issues before the petition date, to assisting with the confirmation of a plan of reorganization, to securing insurance rights after emergence. We help clients navigate the complications inherent in bankruptcy and maximize the possibility of future recoveries.

Business Conduct Liabilities

Liability insurance provides valuable protections for claims, suits, and investigations relating to the conduct of business. Our attorneys go to bat quickly to obtain coverage or rebuff against insurer denials to help companies realize the full value of protection available from liability policies.

Coverage Audits

Our attorneys work with insureds in the design of insurance programs and the development of new insurance and alternative risk transfer products. We also advise insureds on policy terms and enhancements in the insurance placement and renewal processes.

Cyber-Security Insurance

Through a combination of counseling and vigorous advocacy work, our attorneys work with clients to pursue the broadest scope of coverage for losses due to cyber attacks and data breaches after insurers wrongfully deny or limit coverage.

Intellectual Property Insurance

Liner Insurance Recovery attorneys help clients maximize coverage for a full spectrum of intellectual property-related claims, from false advertising and disparagement claims to copyright and patent infringement, trade dress, and trademark infringement as well as invasion of privacy and false light claims.  Our efforts have assisted clients in recovering more than $100 million from insurers.

Directors & Officers / Errors & Omissions Insurance

We have successfully represented clients seeking reimbursement of defense costs, settlements, or judgments relating to antitrust, discrimination, shareholder, and derivative claims, securities class actions, and governmental investigations, helping clients recover more than $350 million from directors and officers liabilities insurers.

Employment Insurance

Our attorneys have significant experience representing employers in connection with these claims, and guiding them through the myriad and ever-growing body of employment regulations.  They have helped employers obtain tens of millions of dollars for employment claims, including wage-hour class actions.


With insurance coverage playing a significant role in addressing energy matters, our attorneys help clients maximize the value of their insurance policies. We have helped energy companies and utilities recover more than $2 billion through settlements, trials, appeals, and domestic and international arbitrations.

Entertainment Industry

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing major motion picture studios, record companies, production companies and their affiliates, talent agencies, musicians, actors, owners and other entities, and individuals involved in the entertainment industry. We have represented our clients in disputes with their insurers involving nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry, helping clients recover more than $300 million.

Fidelity/Crime Insurance

Fidelity and Crime insurance is a practical protection against employee theft, robbery, forgery, the disappearance of property, computer fraud, ransom, and extortion. Many insureds are not aware of the breadth of their fidelity and crime coverage, nor of the various procedural traps buried within their policies. Our attorneys are an integral partner to clients facing these issues, helping clients recover tens of millions of dollars.

General Liability Insurance

Our group’s attorneys have helped clients recover more than $3 billion of insurance for product liability claims, environmental claims, class action and complex litigation, advertising and trademark claims, anticompetitive conduct and antitrust claims, property damage claims, personal injury claims, and premises and completed operations claims.

Insurance Broker Liabilities

We provide advice and secure recovery of revenue through litigation and alternative means on behalf of a wide array of clients against their insurance brokers. We have helped our clients obtain more than $200 million in recoveries from insurance brokers.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Private Equity Investments

Our attorneys work with businesses from due-diligence to after the deal to maximize the value of historical insurance assets, ensure that “deal documents” appropriately address indemnity, insurance, and risk transfer, and that appropriate protection is in place after a transaction closes. Our attorneys have significant experience representing private equity investment firms and finding coverage under a range of policy types to cover defense and liability costs.

Political Risk Insurance

Our group is uniquely suited to identify these coverage opportunities and protect against unnecessary loss on the global playing field.  We have pursued political risk claims for losses arising in Argentina, China, Mexico, and Indonesia, in various courts and before the London Court of International Arbitration.

Property & Business Interruption Insurance

We have helped clients recover more than $2.5 billion for property and business interruption losses.  We provide clients with strategies for identifying and maximizing sources of coverage, and help them protect against unnecessary loss as well as obtain coverage for expenses associated with mitigation efforts.  Our attorneys assist with securing insurance proceeds for property losses, related revenue losses, and extra expenses.

Sports Insurance

Liner attorneys have helped athletes and sports entities obtain coverage for property damage and business interruption losses, event cancellation and postponements, idea submission claims, lawsuits alleging copyright and trademark infringement, and other media, advertising and marketing liabilities. Our clients, from professional sports teams, venues, and universities to media entities, promoters, and athletes, also seek our counsel for the purchase of athlete disability and loss-of-value policies, and with regard to claims for coverage under athlete disability, health, and homeowners’ insurance policies.