• Alejandra Chavez Middlebury College 2019 Bell High School

    Alejandra is majoring in International Global Studies and Sociology at Middlebury.  On campus, she works as a Secretary of Alianza Latino Americana (Latino Culture Organization).  In addition, Alejandra is part the South Central Scholars Regional Director for Middlebury where she coordinates all events for scholars who are on campus.


    Liner Mentor: Nathan Davis

  • Alonso Garcia UC Berkely 2020 Esteban E. Torres Engineering & Tech Academy

    Alonso is a Political Science major at UC Berkeley and interns for the Raza Recruitment and Retention Center, where he helps Latinx students with higher education.  As a volunteer in the HYPHEE (Helping Youth Pursue Higher Education Early) program, Alonso mentors high school students through their college application process.


    Liner Mentor: Alon Lagstein

  • Brenda Vega USC 2020 James A. Foshal Learning Center

    Brenda is a double major at USC studying International Relations and Philosophy, Politics, and Law.  She works as a Teaching Assistant at the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative and was a News Writer for the Daily Trojan.  Brenda also founded the Foshay Chronicle and was the Editor-In-Chief at her high school.  She has been recognized for her volunteer work and received the National Student Leadership Scholarship.


    Liner Mentor: Alexandra Kelly

  • Kristina Harris Columbia 2012 Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies

    Kristina graduated from Columbia in 2012 where she majored in Applied Mathematics and minored in Computer Science.  She is currently working on her Masters degree in Computer Science at UCLA.  She is passionate about education and hopes to use her skills to develop educational software once she graduates.

  • Dennis Costanza George Washington University 2020 Port of Los Angeles High School

    Dennis is majoring in political science with an emphasis on public policy and is part of the Student Association at George Washington University.  He is also working with the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute as a Research Assistant.  Dennis has participated in local city and beach cleanups as well as helped organize the STEAM festival in San Pedro.  In the future, Dennis plans to pursue politics after practicing law.


    Liner Mentor: David Farkas

  • Divinity Sardin UCLA 2012 Crenshaw High School

    Divinity graduated in 2012 with a B.A. in Sociology and African Studies, and currently works as a foster youth counselor with the Los Angeles Unified School District's Foster Youth Achievement Program.  She is also working towards receiving her license in Clinical Social Work.

  • Eli Gramajo Princeton 2019 Downtown Business Magnet School

    Eli is a 2015 Gates Millennium Scholar and attends Princeton University majoring in Economics. He is the consultant for Adelante, a nonprofit organization focused on educational empowerment for women, through Princeton's pro-Bono organization called Princeton Business Volunteers.


    Liner Mentor: Jeff McDonald

  • Jennifer Dzul Brown 2020 Dr. Olga Mohan High School

    Jennifer is a first year student at Brown.  She is part of an American Sign Language Club and a Gates Millennium Scholar.  Jennifer is majoring in Public Policy and also working towards a bachelor's degree in Applied Math.


    Liner Mentor: Robbin Itkin

  • Jorge Sibaja Brown 2019 Hamilton High School

    Jorge is considering a double major in Economics and Art History at Brown University. He writes for a music magazine on campus called B-Side, and is part of Brown University’s Model UN club.  Jorge is also the English Editor for SOMOS, a Latinx literary/arts magazine and was a summer intern for Liner LLP.


    Liner Mentor:  Randy Sunshine

  • Jose Lopez Yale 2018 Ramon C. Cortines

    Jose works as a Public School Intern while attending Yale University majoring in Chemistry and Education studies.  In addition, he works as a Peer Liaison with the Latinx Cultural Center, serving as a guide and mentor for first-year students.  Jose has been accepted to the 2016 cohort Grad Prep Academy and volunteers with a number of nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles.


    Liner Mentor: Ashley Yeargan


  • Katelyn Anderson UC Berkeley 2019 Blair High School

    Katelyn is an English major at UC Berkeley with intentions of becoming a high school teacher, superintendent, and eventually the Secretary of Education. She currently serves as Co-Regional Director on campus, working as a liaison between students and the university to disseminate useful resources for studying, internships, scholarships and tutoring. Katelyn was offered the opportunity to expand her outreach to more students in the area through Berkeley’s externship program.


    Liner Mentor: Shaun Crosner

  • Perla Sibaja Dartmouth 2017 Hamilton High School

    Perla is majoring in Sociology modified with Economics at Dartmouth College and interning with Alta-Med Health Services.  She is very involved with the Latinx community as Co-President, promoting a strong sense of cultural presence and pride on campus. Perla received the Class of 2017 Latinx Leadership Award and participated in a Portuguese study abroad program in Brazil.


    Liner Mentor: Randy Sunshine

  • Robyn Coates Dartmouth 2017 Hamilton High School

    Robyn is majoring in Environmental Engineering at Dartmouth.  She interned in the Office of Sustainability as a member of the EcoReps Program for a year.  Robyn is a member of the Energy Task Force, a student-led team of undergraduates currently dedicated to promote student education and involvement in energy systems on campus.


    Liner Mentor: Richard Schloss

  • Roither Gonzales Bowdoin 2020 John Marshall High School

    Roither is studying Government and Legal Studies at Bowdoin for a future in Corporate and Constitutional Law.  He was a 2015 Questbridge College Match Scholar and currently works as the Staff Writer for the Bowdoin Orient.  Roither is also on the Club Volleyball Team.


    Liner Mentor: Nathan Davis

  • Sara Rodriguez Brown 2013 Jordan High School

    Sara graduated in 2013 majoring in Community Health.  She is the Clinical Coordinator to the IMPACT program in the Department of Urology at UCLA.  Sara has done extensive health-related volunteer activities and is taking courses at UCLA Extension.  In the near future, Sara plans to work in Urological Clincal Research Trials.


  • Yamilex Velgara UCLA 2019 Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy

    Yamilex is studying Biology and fulfilling her pre-Med requirements at UCLA.  She received an internship with UCLA Health to be a Care Extender at one of their hospitals.  Yamilex is a mentor in the Alliance Mentoring Program, which is part of the Charter School District, and is a frequent volunteer.


    Liner Mentor: Eli Diller

  • Isiah Iniguez Brown University 2018


At Liner, we believe that education is the most reliable and powerful means of creating upward mobility. There are significant inequities in educational opportunity throughout Los Angeles County, but nowhere are these more apparent than in South Central Los Angeles.

That’s why we established the Liner Scholarship Foundation in partnership with South Central Scholars. The Foundation aims to help talented, motivated, students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve success in college and beyond through financial assistance, academic counseling, hands-on mentorship, and internships at the firm.

Since 2006, Liner has donated more than $1.5 million and assisted more than 100 motivated and gifted students in pursuing their college dreams.

The Foundation assists beyond traditional financial support: We pair students with Liner lawyers who serve as mentors, giving their mentees highly personalized support through feedback, encouragement, guidance and friendship — and build long-lasting relationships with them in the process.

We’re proud that the Foundation has made a difference in these students’ lives. But we’re proudest of what they themselves have accomplished: Through their own talent, dedication and sheer hard work, each has forged a new path to a brighter future.

In addition to our support of SCS, the Partners of Liner LLP and The Liner Foundation have given over $2 million towards:

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