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There’s a problem in the US legal system.

Instead of protecting the innocent and ensuring that the guilty have to repay their debt to society, it has simply become another place where the inequalities of society are reinforced.

Those who can afford the best representation are able to avoid any punishments, regardless of their guilt or innocence, simply through their access to the best legal minds in the country. Conversely, those who cannot afford the best representation are often forced to pay dues, even in situations in which they have not broken the law. This system has, despite the best intentions of those who created it, failed the people it was designed to protect.

The only solution to this terrible imbalance is to attempt to put the legal resources in the hands of those who need it the most – those who cannot afford it.

This is why we started LinerLaw.com. We’re committed to making sure that every person can get the legal support they need to ensure their rights are protected.

Our team are currently producing articles that cover all areas of law and reviewing online services such as the best online legal services and best online divorce services.

If you’re one of the tens of millions across the country who cannot afford to top legal representation available and you’re looking for legal advice, check out our articles here, but be sure to read out advice disclaimer.

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