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The 8 Weirdest Laws in North Carolina

North Carolina, like every other state, has a set of laws in its Constitution that seem so bizarre you wonder how they made it through the state congress or city councils in the state. For instance, illegal drug dealers must pay taxes on any controlled substance they sell and in the city of Dunn, it … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in New Hampshire

The current Constitution of the state of New Hampshire became effective on June 2, 1784, and over the years, lawmakers in the state have passed a lot of laws aimed at keeping the peace in the ‘White Mountain’ State.  However, there are a set of laws that border on the peculiar. For instance, you could … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Nevada

The Constitution of the ‘Battle Born’ State was created in 1864 at a convention on July 4 in Carson City (the capital of Nevada). It became effective on October 31 after a public vote, and on that same date, President Abraham Lincoln declared Nevada to be a state. Over the years, the state legislature has … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Mississippi

Mississippi might not be the richest state in the Union but it sure is the most friendly. You can’t beat the true, southern hospitality Mississippi prides itself on. Mississippi has been so well-known for having great hospitality that they decided to give the state the nickname, ‘The Hospitality State’. What most people are not aware … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Nebraska

Nebraska, like every other state in the US, has a set of laws in its Constitution that are so obscure and strange, you wonder who thought them up. For instance, back in 1889, in the town of Lincoln, there was, believe it or not, a $1 fine for being unattractive.  Laws such as this have … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Montana

The first Montana Constitution was drafted during the 1866 six-day Constitutional Convention in the city of Helena. However, the document was lost on the way to the printers and so was never subject to a vote.  This would not be the first time the state’s constitution would be the subject of controversy. Over the years, … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Missouri

Every state has its fair share of strange laws and the ‘Mother of the West’ is no exception. For instance, as early as 1820, the law had declared that single men between the ages of 21 and 50 had to pay an annual $1 tax and in University city, having a ‘yard sale’ in your … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Maine

The ‘Pine Tree State’ has a set of laws in its Constitution that are so strange you’ll wonder how they ended up in the books. For instance, it’s illegal to park a vehicle in front of a Dunkin Donuts in South Berwick and dogs in the city of Waterboro must be kept on a leash … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Louisiana

The ‘Pelican State’ is a melting pot of diverse cultures, from French, African, French-Canadian, to modern American. It’s also famous for its unique Cajun and Creole cultures, food, jazz music (New Orleans is sometimes called the “birthplace of jazz”) and the renowned Mardi Gras festival. But what most people are not aware of are Louisiana’s … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Maryland

The ‘Old Line’ state is well known for its fishing industry. Its annual catch of seafood, from blue crabs to oysters to rockfish, is worth more than $50 million. Francis Scott Key, the man who composed the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ was a poet, lawyer and author from Frederick, Maryland. What most people, perhaps even Marylanders, don’t … Read More

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