The 8 Weirdest laws in South Carolina

The current Constitution of the ‘Palmetto’ State came into effect on December 4, 1895 and was revised in 1968. Before then, there were six other constitutions that were adopted in 1669, 1776, 1778, 1790, 1865, and 1868. Over the years, a lot of serious laws have passed through the state’s Legislature, however, there are a … Read More

The 8 Weirdest Laws in Tennessee

The Constitution of the ‘Volunteer State’ came into effect on 1 June 1796, the same time the state was admitted into the Union. The second and third versions of the document were adopted in 1835 and 1870 with the latter version still in use today.  Included in the Constitution are many laws that law enforcement … Read More

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