The 10 Best Online Divorce Services in 2023: Reviewed, Ranked, and Compared

The only thing harder than deciding to end your marriage is suffering the indignity and emotional drain of a drawn-out and costly divorce.

To make sure you can get your divorce finalized as quickly and as easily as possible, without the ridiculous price tag of a top-shelf lawyer, I’ve reviewed and ranked 10 of the best online divorce services. 

Here’s what I’ve found.

My Top Pick: 3 Step Divorce – 9.45/10 (Best Online Divorce Service)

3 Step Divorce is the best online divorce service because, despite their outdated website, they offer the most comprehensive service at a very competitive price, and guarantee that your forms will be accepted by the courts.


There is a long list of things to like about 3 Step Divorce

First of all, their system is fast, simple, and easy to use. They have a simple online questionnaire that allows you to easily customize and personalize each of the important forms that can be completed in under an hour. 

If you and your partner can’t agree to the details of your separation, they have an online negotiation tool to take the stress and pain out of reaching an agreement on important topics (like child support and child custody) and once you’re done, you can then download, print, sign, and deliver those forms to your local courthouse the very same day.

They provide a very comprehensive and easy-to-follow set of steps on how, when, and where you need to submit the forms that are customized for each state and if you get stuck at any point, you can reach their customer support team in real-time to ask any questions.

If you want to change any personal information on your forms, you can log back into your account to make any changes at your own pace, and then reprint them at your convenience. And if you don’t have a printer, 3 Step Divorce will post your forms at no extra cost.

They work for military divorces, are private and secure, offer a free resource library of useful articles and documents, comply with all state laws, and have no additional fees. 

But, their best feature is the fact that they’re so confident that their forms and system are all you need to finalize your divorce that they guarantee your completed documents will be accepted by your district court. 

That means you can complete them with the full confidence that this is the one and only time you will need to go through this process.

You can pay one flat fee of $299 upfront or in installments of as little as $84/month, and if you file your forms on the same day you sign up, they’ll refund $50 from your purchase price.


There’s a lot to love about 3 Step Divorce, but it also has two drawbacks. 

Firstly, their website looks like it was designed when the company was launched in 1997 by their unpaid intern whose only design experience was creating her 11th birthday party invitation. Yes, this doesn’t really impact the quality of their service, but it’s still mildly painful to look at.

And secondly, some online uncontested divorce services offer upgraded packages with additional services (for sometimes significant fees) such as having the company serve your spouse with the divorce documents and even filing those documents on your behalf. 3 Step Divorce doesn’t offer any of those additional services.

They have one package with one big list of features that is available to every person. Yes, this makes everything simple and easy, but it would be good to have some options available.


3 Step Divorce is my #1 recommendation for the best online divorce service because they have a huge list of features at a very reasonable price, all for under $300. 

Yes, they only have one package and their website is ugly, but that one package is the best value on the market and their website styling doesn’t impact your user experience. 

On top of this, they guarantee that your forms will be accepted by the courts so you can move on with your life. 

If you’re ready to put your past behind you and start a new chapter of your life, head to 3 Step Divorce now.

Runner Up: It’s Over Easy – 7.85/10 (Expensive, but comprehensive)

It’s Over Easy takes the #2 spot because they provide services and support that no other online divorce company will do, but they charge a LOT to do it.


It’s Over Easy was started by celebrity divorce specialist Laura Wasser and fills a definite need in the space. 

Their basic package allows you to complete your online divorce forms, download them, and even serve them to your spouse (via email), but it’s their Premium package where they really stand out from the crowd. 

If you sign up for their upgraded package, they will not only help process your forms and serve them to your spouse, but they’ll also provide a dedicated case manager, file your divorce packet with the district court, cover the court filing fees, allow you to electronically sign your forms, create a custom parenting plan, negotiate child support and child custody, and also do all the dirty spousal support calculations.


The old adage in life is that you get what you pay for, and this is certainly true with It’s Over Easy. 

Their basic package is $750 and the only benefit you get for double the price of 3 Step Divorce is that they serve your spouse via email. 

If you want all the extras in their Premium package, you’re looking at $2,500.


It’s Over Easy is a great premium service that delivers a lot of additional services you just can’t get with 3 Step Divorce

While their plans are either 2 times or 8 times more expensive, if you just want your divorce finalized with as little fuss and mess as possible and are willing to pay for it, they’re a great option. 

To learn more about their premium services and offerings, check out their website here.

#3: Rocket Lawyer – 7.3/10 (Best Budget Option)

Rocket Lawyer is a giant mixed bag of great pros and very significant cons.


The pros of Rocket Lawyer is that as they’re a general legal advice service, and not just an online divorce service, their entire company is built around providing legal support from trained experiences. 

That means that for your $39/month subscription, you not only get access to online divorce documents, but you also get a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer from a real law firm to get answers to any pressing questions about your divorce process.

Considering that they’re the only service on this list to offer a lawyer consultation as part of their process and they’re less than half the price of most services, they sound like a no-brainer. 


But, as I said before, they’re a giant mixed bag. 

The biggest drawback with Rocket Lawyer comes from the same foundation as their biggest benefit — the fact that they’re an online legal company founded by a real law firm, not an online divorce specialist. 

They have online divorce forms and can help you with the divorce process, but their system isn’t built to make your divorce as simple as possible. They’re not tailored to your situation or your state and you’re expected to know everything about the divorce process, including the different regulatory authorities with which you need to file the forms.

When you combine this with the fact that they don’t guarantee your forms will be accepted by the court, you’re really taking a big chance using Rocket Lawyer. 

Yes, you get a lawyer consultation for your $39/month membership fee, but you run the very real chance of having your forms rejected by the courts and having to sit down with your partner, once again, to make amendments so you can resubmit them.

Given that you’re divorcing them for a reason, I’m guessing this is a LONG way from how you want to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Rocket Lawyer are a giant mixed bag when it comes to online divorce. 

They provide a free consultation with a lawyer as part of their $39/month subscription, but their forms are difficult to complete and have no guarantee they’ll be accepted by the court.

You’re welcome to do the hours of research necessary to work through their system, but your life will be significantly easier and your divorce processed much faster if you use 3 Step Divorce.

#4: Divorce Writer 

Divorce Writer has landed at #4 on this list by ticking most of the boxes you’d expect in an online divorce provider, but missing out on one big one.

They do all the basics, which includes their easy-to-use online system to file for divorce online, allowing you to revise your paperwork for up to two years, and provide a lowest-price guarantee (they’ll refund the difference if you find a better price). 

But they’re at #4 for a reason. And that reason is their customer support. 

Completing divorce is not something most people are intimately familiar with and they include a lot of jargon that honestly, makes no sense to anyone without a law degree. This means that you need customer support on hand to be able to quickly answer your questions. 

This, unfortunately, is not possible to get with Divorce Writer

Their only customer support channel is email. You can’t call them and they have no live-chat feature on their site. If you get stuck, it’s just you, your inbox, and an extended awkward silence with the person you’re trying to divorce while you wait for a response.  

Yes, they’re cheap, but surely just getting this finished is worth paying that bit extra to 3 Step Divorce.

#5: LegalZoom

LegalZoom is another legal advice company that has also strayed into the online divorce field. 

They offer the basics you expect from an online divorce company, including a simple online system with decent customer support. But the place where LegalZoom separates itself from the pack is that they are the only company to have a lawyer review your divorce forms to ensure they’re correct and comprehensive.  

Having a lawyer review your forms sounds great, but there are issues with it. 

Firstly, lawyers are expensive and so LegalZoom’s online divorce service is $499. The second issue is that having a lawyer review your forms takes time and so you cannot access your completed forms for 48 hours. 

This might be an acceptable tradeoff if it was necessary to ensure your divorce forms were accepted, but given that 3 Step Divorce GUARANTEES that your forms will be accepted by the court, there’s no real justification for it. 

#6: One Stop Divorce

One Stop Divorce comes in at #6 by being a basic, reliable provider, with two curious product choices. 

Firstly, they do the basics. You can log into their website, fill out your forms, and print and file them when you’re ready. They provide also provide basic filing instructions to take some of the stress out of the filing process and at $299, are priced relatively competitively. 

The issue with One Stop Divorce is that for some reason, they’ve decided to limit the number of times you can review your documents. Given that they’re online forms that require no input from One Step Divorce to edit, I have no idea why they would do that.

They also charge you $19 per month from 30 days after you sign up to store your documents on their server. Given that these forms are PDFs that take less storage space than one email of cat photos, I have no idea why they’d do this either. 

These two issues make no sense and tell me they don’t value customer experience, which is why they slipped to #6.

And, now, the rest…

There is, for some reason, a clear divide in the online divorce world. 

On one side, you have the providers listed above who all provide some variation of a quality product at a reasonable price. On the other side, you have what can only be described as a hot mess inside a dumpster fire on a train wreck.

This group of four companies, for some reason, have decided that while they will say all the right things, they will provide little to no value to anyone they’re able to sucker into their marketing funnel. 

I can confidently say that in all my experience diving into legal service providers, I have NEVER found a group of operators that have such little regard for their customers. 

It sounds impossibly harsh, but I think you’ll agree when you read what they offer.

#7: Complete Case

Complete Case starts out looking like a real winner, with the same price and seemingly the same product offering as 3 Step Divorce, but don’t be fooled.

They lure you in with a flash website and the promise of simplicity and ease, but there are MASSIVE differences between them and the competition. 

For starters, their software doesn’t work on all browsers. Really? Yes, really… Safari is a no-go (the second most popular web browser in the world). This might be excusable if this was 1996 and Netscape had just retooled their entire browser system, but today, there is no excuse.

The second big issue is that you cannot download your completed forms. Seriously. You can’t just print off your PDF and head to your local court. You HAVE to wait for them to be mailed to you. 

This inability to print your forms means that you also cannot make any adjustments to your forms once they’re complete. If you get something wrong or change your mind about your settlement agreement, you have to go through the ENTIRE process again.

And finally, if you get stuck in any part of their process, their customer support team is well below-par. My personal experience was almost satisfactory, but the reviews on Trust Pilot are very, very ordinary. 

Now, I don’t put a huge weight on online reviews because they’re mostly incompetent people complaining when a company didn’t do everything for them despite the fact they didn’t do what they were asked, but when you have an average score of 3.9/5 and 15% of your reviews are 1-star, you know you have to put some work in. 

Here’s one review that seems to sum most of the negative reviews about Complete Case.


Sinking lower than Complete Case is MyDivorcePapers

My Divorce Papers is one of the cheaper providers on this list, but in this case, you REALLY get what you pay for. Not so much in the fact that they allow you to file for divorce online, but the fact that the forms they produce are not, in fact, up to date. 

You would think that with a product that has to be legally valid, they would prioritize ensuring that their forms are current, but for some reason, they’ve chosen not to.

That means you can pay for your divorce papers, complete your forms, and think your marriage dissolution is almost complete, only to have the judge toss your divorce packet back into your lap and suggest you file these forms in 1995, because that was the last time they were accepted.

Don’t. Just don’t. 


In any normal reality, providing a product that is out of date and isn’t fit for the sole purpose for which it is designed would land you at the bottom of any comparison list. 

But, not in the online divorce world! is one step beyond that…

Yes, they will help you with document preparation to file for divorce online (plus the other fun bits), BUT, 34% of their online reviews give them 1 star. 

Yes, 34%. That’s 1 out of every 3 customers saying that using Get Divorce Papers is a terrible life decision. 

That is what gets you listed below a company whose product is not fit for purpose.

If you are looking for a positive spin, you could at least say with a fair degree of confidence that they’re not paying for fake reviews! But even that isn’t enough to bump them up the list.

Honestly, just stay away from them.

#10: GetDivorcePapers

Now, you might be asking how GetDivorcePapers could fall below a company that produces a product that isn’t fit for purpose and another company has 34% 1-star reviews. 

They’d have to be pretty bad, right? Like really bad. 

Well, guess what? They are. They are REALLY bad. 

Their percentage of 1-star reviews is a whopping 64%. Yes, you read that right, 64% 1-star reviews. 

If was atrocious at 34% then I don’t even know which word to use to describe GetDivorcePapers

How can 2 out of every 3 customers have such a terrible experience that they gave you 1-star? You surely would have to try to fail that hard! 

Even more importantly, how can you still be in business? I still have no idea…

When you add in all the hidden fees, GetDivorcePapers is just another unnecessary stress in an already stressful situation.

Don’t use them to complete your divorce, or for anything else, for that matter. Your happiness is too important.

The Bottom Line

I’ve reviewed, compared, and ranked the top 10 online divorce providers and the best online divorce service is 3 Step Divorce

Their simple-to-use system will guide you through the process of customizing and completing your divorce papers in as little as an hour and their customer support is on hand to answer any questions you have about your process. 

Their online negotiation tool takes the hard work out of reaching an agreement and their 100% acceptance guarantee means you can complete your legal forms knowing that this is the one and only time you will have to do it.

While their website isn’t the prettiest, their comprehensive filing instructions will take the complexity out of filing your required forms so you can get on with your life.

If you’re ready to finish this chapter of your life for good, head to 3 Step Divorce now.


My process for identifying which online divorce service simplified the complex legal process of divorce was 7 steps.

Step 1: Initial Online Divorce Service List

The first step was generating a list of all the online uncontested divorce services on the web. This was just as simple as it sounds: Googling “Online Divorce” and seeing who popped up.

This left me with a list of 14 online divorce services but as some only provided divorce services in a small number of states, I excluded them from the list. 

Step 2: Online Reviews

The next stage in my review process was to look at the various online review platforms to see what past customers were saying about these providers. And if you’ve read the reviews above, you’ll know that this was an eye-opener!

The reviews ranged all the way from thousands of 5-star reviews to the completely unbelievable 64% 1-star reviews…

Step 3: Product Analysis

Once I knew which providers were legitimate and which ones deserved nothing more than to be mocked for their clear disdain for the general public and their customers, I started to look at their product offering. 

  • Will they actually help with filing for divorce? Or only assist with legal separation?
  • Did they make completing your divorce paperwork simple and easy? Or was it just more hard work? 
  • Do you need to know where your spouse lives? Or can you use a process server to get your spouse served?
  • Did they actually reduce your legal fees and save money? Or were their fees high enough that you could have just hired a law firm for a traditional divorce case?
  • Are their forms legally binding? Or are they just a waste of time
  • Will they assist with negotiating community property division? Or do they leave that up to you and your spouse?
  • Did they help negotiate child support payments and other child-related issues? Or did they assume you’d already done the hard work?
  • Did they provide legal advice, legal assistance, legal services to deal with tough negotiations? Or did they leave you to work through the legal documents?
  • Did they provide a guarantee of court approval? Or did they just assist with those necessary forms and throw you out into the world?
  • Would they help with a contested divorce? Or would they only be suitable for an uncontested divorce?

This helped me see which company was genuine about providing a great service, which company was committed to serving the needs of those with more disposable income, and which companies were just looking for sneaky ways to charge for additional extras that should have been free.

Step 4: Interviews with Real Customers

Now that I had a clear understanding of which company was providing which service, I reached out to real customers of these services to see if their experiences matched up with the prevailing sentiment of the online reviews. 

While I was hoping that the 64% 1-star reviews were a negative marketing campaign by a competitor, I was shocked to hear just how bad some of these services really were (it turns out that if there was an option to give 0-stars, that would have taken a significant portion of those reviews).

Step 5: Interviews with Online Divorce Services

After getting feedback from real customers, the next step was to speak to the sales teams of the various online uncontested divorce services. I hit them with questions about their product offerings and services to confirm that their websites were up to date and then hit them with the complaints I’d found about their companies. 

As you can imagine, this was a fun game where some companies were able to own their past mistakes and use them as a launching pad to improve their offerings (hint: these companies WEREN’T in the bottom 4) and where others claimed it was all a lie created by silly customers who weren’t smart enough to follow their detailed instructions (guess which companies these were??).

Step 6: Test Drives

And the final step in my process was to actually sign up and use the software available. 

This involved pretending to initiate a divorce from my lovely wife (sorry, Hunny. It was for work. I love you.) and getting first-hand experience with the divorce process.

I entered my name, our address, assets, and all those other good things, time and time again, to see just how simple, fun, and intuitive the process was. 

Step 7: Ratings

All this came together into a big matrix where I ranked each of the online uncontested divorce companies against each other and scored them based on how well they compared against their competitors.

Best Online Divorce Review Summary

I’ve spent more than a week repeatedly attempting to divorce my lovely wife to identify the best online uncontested divorce company. 

After finding fourteen service providers, investigating ten, and creating in-depth reviews of the top three (while gob-smacked by four), I can say with confidence that the best online divorce service is 3 Step Divorce.

They have an easy-to-use system that gently guides you through the process of filing for your divorce in any state in the United States. 

Their $299 price tag is great value considering they: 

  • Have real-time support to answer any questions
  • Provide an online negotiation tool (to work through any sticking points)
  • Give you instant access to print and sign your documents
  • Allow unlimited revisions
  • Have an in-depth library of useful resources
  • Supply simple-to-follow instructions for filing your divorce papers

…and best of all, guarantee that your papers will be accepted by the court.

If you’re ready to move on with your life and start fresh, finalize your divorce with 3 Step Divorce.

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