The 10 Best Providers for Online Divorce in New York in 2023

Ending your marriage is a heartbreaking reality, and you deserve to experience a painless divorce process. 

In order for you to get a convenient, easy, and simple divorce, all done without a lawyer, I’ve reviewed and ranked 10 online divorce providers. 

Here are my results for an online divorce in New York.

1. My Top Pick: 3 Step Divorce – 9.45/10 (Best New York Online Divorce Service)

3 Step Divorce is the top choice for getting an online divorce in New York because it’s the easiest system to use, they have quality customer service and tools that make the process simple, and, most importantly, they guarantee that the New York Supreme Court will approve your divorce papers. 


There is so much to like about using 3 Step Divorce to divorce your spouse.

Getting started, you’ll find that their online system is really easy to use. In less time than it takes to indulge in a long, luxurious bubble bath, you can answer their online questionnaire and get customized divorce forms tailored to your specific divorce situation. 

If you find yourself stressing about settling things with your spouse, you can use 3 Step Divorce’s online negotiation tool. This helps you and your spouse to agree on the terms of your divorce, such as a child custody arrangement. This is much simpler than doing so in court. It’s like expecting the line at Starbucks to be down the street, but you pull up and you’re the only one in line.

So that you can successfully file for an uncontested divorce, they’ve got instructions on exactly how, when, and where to file with the court. 3 Step Divorce offers quality customer service representatives to help you out if you have any questions. 

When you create an account with 3 Step Divorce, you can always come back and change up any information. Like owning your own home, you can redecorate as many times as you’d like. 

3 Step Divorce helps get you a military uncontested divorce if you or your spouse are active duty military, they have plenty of resources to help file the documents, and they won’t hit you with any random fees for services that don’t serve you. 

By far, their most impressive offering is the fact that your divorce papers will be guaranteed to be accepted by the supreme court. It’s like when you go to a restaurant and they’re so confident you’ll enjoy the food or they give you your money back. 

This is the main reason why 3 Step Divorce hit the top of the ranks, they are the only company on my list to offer this guarantee, meaning you’ll only have to go through with this process once. It’s like cooking dinner with a Crock-Pot, you know it’s gonna be a good roast. 

You can also get $50 back from their original price of $299 if you complete the forms in a day, or you can pay as little as $84/month for their services. 


3 Step Divorce also has two things you won’t like. 

First, if you haven’t noticed already, 3 Step Divorce’s website is atrocious. Like, it’s bad, really bad. Embarrassing actually. Their website looks unreal, like you’ve time traveled back into a time when web designers didn’t have the graphic capabilities they do today. Thank goodness you don’t judge books by their covers. 

Second, some other online divorce companies do things for an extra fee that 3 Step Divorce doesn’t, like filing your divorce documents on your behalf and serving your spouse. 

Instead, 3 Step Divorce has one package available to every person, highly customizable yes, but it would be nice if they could offer slightly more services to you. 


3 Step Divorce is my #1 choice for a DIY uncontested divorce from your spouse in New York because they offer services you need for a reasonable price and they are the only providers to guarantee a divorce. 

True, their website looks like the 90s and they could offer even more services, but the way their website looks doesn’t affect their user-friendly system and you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles some of the other companies offer for a steeper price. 

You can agree on the terms of the uncontested divorce with your spouse thanks to their online negotiation tool, you can reach out to their customer service at any time if you get stuck, and best of all, your divorce papers will get approved by the courts. 

It’s like going to your favorite vacation spot and seeing all your holiday friends, knowing they’ll always be there every winter. 

If you want a hassle-free uncontested divorce in New York, check out 3 Step Divorce now

2. Runner Up: It’s Over Easy – 7.85/10 (Expensive for an Online Divorce in New York, but Comprehensive)

Coming in close to first is It’s Over Easy, offering more services than any other listed in New York, but at a steep price. 


Celebrity divorce specialist Laura Wasser developed this system for celebrities. Using It’s Over Easy is just like being a celebrity: you’re rich, everyone’s talking about you, and you fly private. 

They’ve got two packages, the first is their basic package, with which you can complete your online uncontested divorce papers. With this package they will serve your spouse via email. 

Their premium package is where they really stand out from the crowd. Using their premium package is like staying at a high end boutique hotel. 

Their premium package will give you everything you need to file for an uncontested divorce and more. They help you to process your forms and, like the basic package, serve them to your spouse. You’ll also get a dedicated case manager who will file with the court on your behalf, even paying the court filing fees, create a custom parenting plan so you don’t have to, send over your forms electronically so you don’t have to worry about printing anything out, and negotiate child custody. This easy process results in an uncontested divorce without a lawyer in New York. 


It’s Over Easy is more expensive than any of the other uncontested divorce providers in New York BY FAR. They are out of reach for many people, understandably, which is why they aren’t the tippity-top of this review. 

Even their basic package is more than double that of 3 Step Divorce’s at $750 and all you get is an email sent on your behalf. 

The premium package with all its bells and whistles will set you back $2500. Wouldn’t you rather use that money and take a beach vacation somewhere, far away from your spouse?


It’s Over Easy will give you services that 3 Step Divorce just can’t. 

Even though they are really pricey, if you’re willing to pay for the premium plan, you’ll be getting services you can’t find anywhere else. 

If you’re interested in their premium packages in the state of New York, read more about them here. 

3. Rocket Lawyer – 7.3/10 (Best Budget Option for Uncontested Divorce in New York)

Like an actual rocket, there are some pretty cool things about Rocket Lawyer (it’s really budget friendly) and there are some things that will make you scared to use it (no, you won’t explode by accident but you might explode with frustration).


What there is to like about Rocket Lawyer is that they are a general legal information provider, and they are also the cheapest on this review. 

Their subscription costs $39/month which gives you plenty to work with, the ability to fill out divorce papers online, and a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer to go over your unique concerns. 

Since you get a consultation with a real lawyer and they’re the cheapest option, you’d think they’d be at the top of this review. 


You’ve been warned and it’s because there is a lot to not like about Rocket Lawyer. 

Their biggest con comes from their greatest strength, like a samurai who’s afraid of swords. Since they are a general legal company, they don’t specialize in divorce. 

This is their main drawback and because of it, their system isn’t super easy to use. It’s not customized to your unique needs because not only do they not specialize in divorce but they also don’t give you as detailed instructions as 3 Step Divorce about how, where, and when to file your divorce papers. 

Taking all this into account, and realizing that they still don’t even guarantee approval of all your papers, unlike 3 Step Divorce, you know you’re taking a risk going with Rocket Lawyer. 


Rocket Lawyer has some things to offer you and, like Munchies, they’re a mixed bag. 

What’s nice about them is that for $39/month you get a free consultation with an attorney. What’s not so nice about them is their divorce forms aren’t easy to fill out and worse, there’s no court guarantee. With extremes like this, they’d be on Santa’s nice and naughty lists. 

Feel free to use their system and enjoy the hassle of their complicated process (that was sarcasm by the way). Or take the easy route and go with 3 Step Divorce for a convenient and speedy online divorce. 

4. Divorce Writer 

Divorce Writer came in at #4 because they managed to meet much of the criteria on the review, but like the server that forgot to give you extra hot sauce, they missed out on a huge need. 

They’ll meet your minimum needs by offering an easy online system that you can use for up to two years to file for divorce from your spouse. They also offer a lowest price guarantee. 

Sounds too good to be true because it is. Their customer support is severely lacking. 

Getting an online divorce requires a certain level of knowledge about fancy law words that, quite frankly, don’t make sense to many people who aren’t lawyers. This is why customer support is so important. You’ll want to be able to reach out and ask for help when you’re filling out divorce forms online in New York State. 

What you get with Divorce Writer is email access only. Like your 80 year old Grandpa, the only way you can get a hold of them is via email. 

Yes, you get a lowest price guarantee but—wait for the irony—it comes at a price.

5. LegalZoom

LegalZoom offers you an uncontested divorce, but they’re ranked at #5 because they aren’t specialists in divorce in the state of New York. 

You can expect the minimum required to get an uncontested divorce, including a hassle-free online system and pretty good customer support. LegalZoom offers a service that none other do on this list and that’s a lawyer taking the time to review your divorce forms online to make sure they’re comprehensive before you hand them into the courts for approval. 

This sounds cool, and it is, but like Pulp Fiction, there’s more to the story. 

To start, LegalZoom is expensive at $499. On top of that, you can’t expect them to review your papers the same day, it will take at least 48 hours for them to review your divorce forms. 

This doesn’t sound so bad, until you remember that you’ve got an option to go with 3 Step Divorce. They’ll guarantee your divorce forms get approved by the courts, so why waste your time (and money)? Like many Quentin Tarantino movies, it doesn’t make much sense. 

6. One Stop Divorce

You can expect a decent experience with One Stop Divorce, with two interesting product choices. 

Like all the other New York providers, they do the basics. You can file divorce forms and print them out. Unlike some of the others listed, they do offer some basic filing instructions and are priced fairly at $299. 

The reason why One Stop Divorce landed at #6 is because for some unknown reason they limit the number of times you can view your divorce documents online. There’s no logical reason they did this, and it’s incredibly inconvenient for you. 

Also, you get hit with a $19/month charge after you sign up if you want them to keep your divorce documents on their server. Again, this makes no sense and isn’t fair to you since these files take up less space than a gif of Oprah giving away free tacos. 

These two concerns are the reasons they landed below the middle of the pack. 

And now, the rest . . .

Like the obvious difference between the poor and rich, there are some obvious differences in online divorce service providers in New York. 

One one hand, you’ve got New York providers who basically do the same thing with a slight variation in price. On the other hand, you’ve got what can only be described as a disaster of infinite proportions, or, in other words, Beetlejuice’s hair on a bad day. 

The following group of companies have decided to try and sucker decent people into their deviously marketed sales funnels that offer nothing but smoke. 

It’s sad to say, but this bunch of New York providers are a sorry excuse for online divorce services. 

This sounds highly critical—because it is—and once you learn what they’re about, you’ll agree. 

7. Complete Case 

At first, Complete Case looked really good, as good as 3 Step Divorce, but after a short time, you’ll see that it’s nowhere close. 

They’ve made a massive effort to reel you in with a snazzy website and they’ll promise they are easy to use, but in this case their words are cheap. 

They’ve landed at #7 for a multitude of ridiculous reasons, the first being the most outrageous. Their system doesn’t work on all browsers. Yup, if you use Safari as your internet browser, be prepared to not be able to run their system. What decade are they in?

Another huge issue is you have to wait for Complete Case to mail your forms to you. Yes, apparently they also work via snail mail and even though they advertise as an online divorce system, they aren’t really fully online. 

You’re taking a huge risk by going with them because once your forms are completed and mailed to you, you won’t be able to go back and make any adjustments, meaning you’ll have to go through the entire process again if you make a mistake. Ultimately, the judgment of divorce is what you’re after and Complete Case makes getting this difficult. 

Their customer service is also nothing to sneeze at, either. The following is an example of the average customer experience.

Here’s a review that summarizes the negative ones. 

Compared to 3 Step Divorce, which helps you complete your New York divorce forms in one day, has noteworthy customer experience, and actually guarantees your papers getting approved, this service is a massive time waster. I don’t recommend you use them to file for divorce.


It only gets worse with

Your wallet won’t take a beating with this service, but there’s a very good reason they’re cheap: the product they offer is faulty, to say the least. 

Their New York divorce forms aren’t current, which is why they are even worse than Complete Case. Since their product isn’t legally valid, it will not get approved by the courts. 

You’ll get stuck wasting your precious time and financial resources filling out these divorce forms only to have a judge dismiss your request for divorce from your spouse. 

Stay away. 


OnlineDivorce landed in at #9 for two main reasons: first, their product is outdated and second, their customer service is a hot, steamy pile of garbage. 

They will help you file for a divorce and offer many of the same services as the rest of the providers on this list, but 34% of their reviews are one star!

That’s one-third of OnlineDivorce customers saying “no bueno.” 

This doesn’t come as a surprise given that their product isn’t usable. 

Don’t bother to file for divorce in New York with them. 

10. GetDivorcePapers

Sadly, it only gets worse with GetDivorcePapers

If you thought OnlineDivorce had bad reviews, wait until you get a load of this: 64% are rated one star.

You might be asking yourself if they are trying to get negative reviews, and maybe so. 

Not only are their reviews absolutely atrocious, but they’ll also hit you with unnecessary hidden fees. 

If your quality of life means anything to you, you’ll avoid them like the bubonic plague that they are. 

If you need an easy way to get an uncontested divorce, run fast from GetDivorcePapers!

The Bottom Line

I’ve taken the time to review, compare, and rank 10 online divorce providers in New York and by far, the top choice is 3 Step Divorce

Their process is easy to use because it gives you support via step-by-step instructions of how and where to complete your divorce papers so that you can get the uncontested divorce you’re looking for. With their simple, guided online process, you can finish up your divorce paperwork quickly so you have more time to enjoy the finer things in life, like the single life and a nice charcuterie board. 

Their customer support is helpful and can guide you through the process if you have any more questions. Even better, they offer a negotiation tool that eases your stress and, most importantly, they are the only provider to guarantee the courts will approve your divorce papers. 

You’ll be disappointed at their website’s aesthetic for sure, but their process, with its guided filing instructions, makes the whole process of getting a New York divorce online seamless and hassle free. 

Use 3 Step Divorce now to get an online divorce in New York and move forward with your life. 


It was a seven-step process to determine which online divorce provider was the most efficient in New York. 

Step 1: Initial Online Divorce Service List

The first step involved a simple internet search of “online divorce in New York” and seeing who came up. 

A total of 14 online divorce services came up and some did not serve all states so I excluded those. 

Step 2: Online Reviews

Step two meant taking a look at reviews describing what the divorce process in New York was like using these online divorce providers. As you’ve already learned, this was really helpful in determining which ranked higher than others. 

Those at the top of the list had thousands of five star reviews and those companies that landed near the bottom of the pile had less-than-stellar reviews. 

Step 3: Product Analysis

After I determined which companies in New York that sold the promise of an uncontested divorce were worth my time reviewing and which ones could take a hike, I took time to understand the services they offered:

  • How much help do they give you so you can get a divorce in New York? How specialized are they to New York? Must you have lived in New York to use their services? Are there residency requirements?
  • What kinds of New York divorce forms do they offer you? Are these all you’ll need to file for divorce?
  • What does their New York divorce process look like? Will you end up with a successful marital settlement agreement?
  • Do they offer assistance with child support? What about minor children? Do any of the providers specialize in family law? What about spousal support?
  • How will they ensure a judgment of divorce? Do they help with court filing? Do they require additional filing fees? Does their service include filing fees?
  • How can they help with a contested divorce? Do they guarantee a completed divorce through the New York Supreme Court?
  • How do they ensure equitable distribution in the finalized divorce?
  • How many of them allow for online divorce without a lawyer? Does one even need a New York divorce lawyer if you’re using their services? If so, what law firm do they recommend?
  • What are the grounds for divorce required in the state of New York?
  • How much of their online system allows for a DIY divorce? 
  • Do you need to get your New York divorce forms signed and notarized?
  • How will they help you save time and money? How easy is their online questionnaire? 
  • Is their fee structure a flat fee? 
  • How will their online system save time? How does their guided online divorce process help you get a divorce in New York?
  • How does one file for divorce? Do they file the documents? If yes, is filing an extra charge?

This step helped me understand which companies provided a great service, made it easy to divorce your spouse without a lawyer in New York, and helped save you money, and which ones were only there to take your money and provide no real benefit. 

Step 4: Contacting Customers 

Contacting real customers in New York was the next step in determining which online divorce providers came out on top and which weren’t worth your time. I wanted to see if the reviews matched up with actual customer experiences.

Sadly, many of the negative reviews were in fact in line with real customer experiences. Many customers who used the companies with a majority of one star reviews would’ve given even worse ratings (I’m talking zero stars) if that were possible. 

Step 5: Interviews with Online Divorce Services in New York

After I spoke with customers of online divorce services, I spoke with the sales agents at these companies. I asked them questions about their product offerings, and more importantly, I asked them about their reviews—good, bad, and indifferent. 

The New York divorce companies that make the top three were honest about their divorce services and, even better, owned up to any negative reviews and spoke about ways they’ve improved. Those bottom four New York divorce companies used their negative reviews as an opportunity to speak poorly of their customers. 

Step 6: Test Drives 

The last step was to use the online divorce provider’s software. 

And yes, I went through each of the steps like any person would. I entered all my information in their software and got first-hand experience with each of their services. Basically, I went through each provider’s uncontested divorce process. 

Like signing up for pretty much anything these days, I entered in my name, address, and payment information to see just how simple and hassle free the system was. 

Step 7: Ratings

All the information I gathered was then compiled in a large database. Each review was like a soup with a certain flavor. Some were well balanced, others not so much. 

Based on all the review criteria I listed above, I compared and contrasted each “soup” so that you don’t have to taste the yucky ones and instead can enjoy the delicious flavor of an uncontested divorce done right the first time. 

Best New York Online Divorce Review Summary

Like a detective on the hunt for a killer, I’ve spent loads of time searching for the answer to the best online divorce. 

Hands down, 3 Step Divorce kills in the best way possible. They offer fantastic customer service at a fair price and their software is easy to use. 

Their price of $299 is a sensible price considering all they offer:

  • Customer support in real time to answer any questions you may have
  • An online negotiation tool 
  • Quick access to your divorce documents at any time
  • As many revisions as you like
  • A plethora of useful resources
  • Simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to use their software

And of course the BEST part, your divorce papers are guaranteed by the courts in the state of New York!

If you are ready to start fresh and move on with your life, file for uncontested divorce online with 3 Step Divorce now.

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