The 10 Best Providers for Online Divorce in Oregon in 2023

Divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. So much change happens during this time, and more than ever you need quality information you can count on to make informed decisions about the divorce process.

To make your experience easier, I’ve created a list of Oregon’s top 10 online divorce providers. 

This is what I’ve found.

1. My Top Pick: 3 Step Divorce — 9.45/10 (Best Oregon Online Divorce Service)

Hands down, 3 Step Divorce is the number one choice for getting a divorce online in the state of Oregon. It’s not their website that helps them stand out from their competition. What does help them stand out from the crowd is their guarantee that your divorce forms will be approved by the court. 


Prepare yourself, because there is plenty to like about 3 Step Divorce

Their online software is like searching on Google, it’s really easy to do! You’ll see that they offer an online questionnaire which allows you to customize your divorce papers right then and there. Bonus points for 3 Step Divorce because this online questionnaire takes less time than it would to make pasta from scratch. 

There’s more to the story here. 3 Step Divorce also gives you an online negotiation tool, something you can use with your spouse if neither of you can come to an agreement over the divorce on your own. You can wrap up your divorce in one day because right from their interface you can download, print, and sign your divorce forms and hand them into the local courthouse. 

You get instructions laid out very clearly of how exactly to sign and where to deliver the forms. These instructions are tailored to each state, so you’ll get Oregon-specific directions. If you ever get stuck, no need to fret, because their customer service is available in real time to answer any questions. 

Your account is available to you at all times, and so are your forms. You can log in to your account and make any changes you need to. If you can’t print at home for whatever reason, 3 Step Divorce will post your forms for you at no extra cost. 

If you are seeking a military divorce, you can get one with 3 Step Divorce. Overall, their system is secure and private, they offer free online resources to help you with your online divorce, they comply with Oregon law, and they won’t hit you with hidden fees. 

The absolute, hands-down best part of 3 Step Divorce has to be the fact that they guarantee the court will approve your divorce.

This is great because you only need to create an account, log in, sign up, and fill out the forms ONCE. Then, you are done with the whole online divorce process. 

You can pay a one-time fee of $299 or pay in monthly installments of $84. Finishing up your forms in one day gets you $50 back. 


There is a lot to love about 3 Step Divorce, but like anything it has some cons. 

Their website looks like the “before” of a before-and-after transformation. It’s not pretty. You don’t have to worry about this affecting your user experience though, so that’s a win. 

Some other companies offer more services than 3 Step Divorce, although usually for bigger fees. For example, they’ll file your documents and serve them to your spouse on your behalf. 

3 Step Divorce gives everyone the same experience. If you’re looking for more features, they just don’t have it. 


3 Step Divorce is my top recommendation for getting an online divorce because they offer exactly what you need to get an online divorce. 

Their website isn’t anything “WOW!” but that doesn’t affect your user experience.

The hands-down most intriguing part about 3 Step Divorce is that they are the only provider to guarantee that the court will approve your papers

If you’re eager to start a new life, head on to 3 Step Divorce now

2. Runner Up: It’s Over Easy — 7.85/10 (Expensive for an Online Divorce in Oregon, but Comprehensive)

It’s Over Easy will get you an online divorce plus some other fancy things, and they’ll do it for a hefty price. 

For a whopping $750, they’ll send an email to your spouse on your behalf. 

What you’ll really want to use is their Premium package, though this will set you back $2500. 


It’s Over Easy was created by celebrity divorce specialist Laura Wasser, who noticed the need for a high-end online divorce experience. 

Their basic package covers everything you need for an online divorce, including the ability to fill out and download the forms. They even send them via email to your spouse. It’s the Premium package that really knocks the services out of the park. 

Along with filing for divorce online and sending your spouse the confirmation via email, you get a dedicated case manager to help you through the process. You also get the filing fee covered. You’ll be able to sign all the forms electronically from the comfort of your own home, create a custom parenting plan, and negotiate child support and custody. 


It’s Over Easy is expensive. Really expensive. 

For over double the costs to get an online divorce with 3 Step Divorce, the only thing you get is an email sent on your behalf. 

If you want all the extras, prepare to spend $2500. 


It’s Over Easy offers a whole whack of services for a whole lot of money. 

If you’re willing and able to spend the dough, you’ll get a really comprehensive service experience. 

To file for divorce with It’s Over Easy, you’ll find them here

3. Rocket Lawyer — 7.3/10 (Best Budget Option for Uncontested Divorce in Oregon)

Rocket Lawyer offers some good things when you file for divorce in Oregon with them, but comes with cons that will make you think twice.


Rocket Lawyer is a team of lawyers well versed in answering questions you may have concerning legal matters of divorce in Oregon. Their training and experience in providing legal advice shows in how professionally they deal with your case.

A monthly subscription to Rocket Lawyer’s services will cost you $39. On top of accessing documents online, you can also avail of a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer to answer your questions. 

There is barely any need for an online referral request form, as it comes with your subscription!

Among the entries in this list, Rocket Lawyer is the only service to provide clients with lawyer consultation. That pretty much says a lot about their authenticity, don’t you think?


But of course, Rocket Lawyer comes with some weak and messy points to their service.

Rocket Lawyer does not specifically work with divorce cases. Sure, they can provide you solid legal advice, but they might not be your best choice for filing a divorce petition. 

In other words, you are left doing most of the hard work alone. 

Rocket Lawyer cannot guarantee acceptable divorce papers. You run the risk of sitting long hours with your spouse to once again do the paperwork and submit documents for another court hearing. 


Rocket Lawyer stands out among its kind for offering lawyer consultations, but they are not the best at handling divorce cases. 

They also cannot promise that the Oregon courts will accept your forms.

You are better off spending your time, money, and energy with 3 Step Divorce

4. Divorce Writer 

Divorce Writer pretty much has everything you would expect from a typical online provider of divorce services, but they are missing one thing that would have surely made for raving reviews.

Divorce Writer features a website with an easy user interface to help you file for divorce in accordance with Oregon law. Their affordable services also extend to allowing you to revise divorce paperwork for up to two years.

However good of a deal Divorce Writer sounds like, they are substantially lacking in one thing.

Filing for divorce is not as simple as you may think it is. Sure, you may do it yourself, but there is a lot of legal jargon involved. Simply watching crime shows and legal dramas is not enough.

You will need the help of real-time customer support that, unfortunately, Divorce Writer does not have. Email customer support exists, but they take some time to form a response.

5. LegalZoom

Another online divorce service provider worth checking out is LegalZoom.

LegalZoom features satisfactory customer support on top of its clean and functional online system. 

The main selling point of LegalZoom? A lawyer goes over your divorce papers to check whether you filled them out correctly.

However, hiring a lawyer costs bucks. In the case of LegalZoom alone, the online divorce services cost a hefty $499.

The lawyer will also need some time to review your documents, and you won’t have access to your forms for 48 hours. 

LegalZoom also cannot guarantee that the court would accept the divorce papers. Your heavily revised and perfected documents may result in nothing if the court deems your paperwork insufficient.

6. One Stop Divorce

One Stop Divorce is a simple, dependable online divorce service with rather eyebrow-raising offers.

One Stop Divorce offers a number of essential services at the price of $299. Simply log in to their website, answer the necessary forms, and print them out. You are all set for filing a divorce petition. So quick and easy!

The drawback? One Stop Divorce restricts you to revising your documents a limited number of times. They didn’t release any statement regarding this.

One Stop Divorce also charges $19 per month after the initial 30-day period to store your documents on their server. PDF files barely take up much space for them to charge such a large storage fee.

And now the rest . . .

While the previous companies were competent with varying offers, the following listings sure aren’t. 

These companies know their way around bamboozling customers with flowery words, only to disregard client welfare. Read on to find out just how little value these companies have to offer.

7. Complete Case 

Complete Case is almost as good as 3 Step Divorce at first glance. However, this provider of online divorce comes with a truckload of red flags.

Their clean website raises your hopes for a smooth and easy transaction. But wait! Complete Case’s system is not compatible with many popular internet browsers.

Complete Case also doesn’t let you download and print your forms. Rather, they have it mailed to you. All that waiting time when you have a printer ready to get going? 

Let’s not even discuss the poor customer support. While my experience was nothing but smooth sailing, previous clients have left agitating one-star reviews for Complete Case. The company has to do something to address the complaints before they are done for.


I have two words for you if you’re considering MyDivorcePapers: Just. Don’t.

MyDivorcePapers boasts cheaper fees, meaning their services are just as cheap and low quality. They don’t provide up-to-date forms, putting your summary dissolution approval at risk.


Let me preface my rating for OnlineDivorce with the fact that one out of every three customers regret using this business’s services.

They can certainly help you during the preparatory stages of filing for a divorce online, but their products are outdated, irrelevant, and—can I just say—not exactly meant for divorce petitions.

10. GetDivorcePapers

GetDivorcePapers takes the cake for the worst online divorce service I tested and reviewed. A shocking 64% of clients left one-star reviews!

It remains a mystery how GetDivorcePapers is still in business. It milks you and your bank account dry with all the trouble and hidden fees. Steer clear of GetDivorcePapers at all costs.

The Bottom Line

After testing out and analyzing multiple online divorce services, I can confidently say that 3 Step Divorce is the best. The hassle-free system allows you to complete forms quickly, and the phenomenal customer support guides you in real time throughout the application process. 

3 Step Divorce’s online negotiation tool is a godsend. Not to mention, with the 100% acceptance guarantee it is reassuring to know you will only have to file once. 

Their website may not be the sleekest, but they definitely get the job done. Secure your happiness with 3 Step Divorce.


Identifying the ideal online divorce service in Oregon took me seven steps.

Step 1: Initial Online Divorce Service List

I started building a list of uncontested online divorce services. A trusty Google search for “online divorce in Oregon” helped me find these services.

The search results returned 14 online divorce services. I was looking for services catering to many states, particularly Oregon counties, and disregarded some whose offerings were limited.

Step 2: Online Reviews

Looking at client reviews is a good opportunity to know how good or bad a company’s services are. 

In fact, my reviews on the different online divorce services above should give you a solid idea of the benefits and drawbacks of their service packages!

In my search, I saw how reviews ranged from raving five-star reviews to bleak one-star reviews.

Step 3: Product Analysis

I finally differentiated legitimate online divorce services from sleazy companies. The next step is to look into each provider’s products and services:

  • Do they offer assistance in filing for a divorce petition? Do they only entertain requests regarding legal separation? In the case of Oregon divorce, do they offer summary dissolution for spouses who want a hastier process?
  • Was the procedure in securing Oregon divorce papers hassle free? Or could have things been easier?
  • Must you know your spouse’s current address? Do they offer a process server to contact and serve your spouse divorce papers?
  • Will their services help you in case of significant financial situations? Is their filing fee or monthly subscription affordable and reasonable? Would opting for a conventional law firm been a better deal?
  • Do the divorce forms they provide abide by Oregon divorce laws? 
  • Will they help figure out the division of personal property? Do they leave such decisions to you and your spouse?
  • Do they assist in negotiating child support and organizing child support responsibilities? Or will you and your spouse take care of pending child support negotiations on your own? Who gets child custody?
  • Do they offer discussions about the different types of spousal support, like compensatory spousal support or transitional spousal support? Do you and your spouse have to independently talk about who gets to pay spousal support?
  • Aside from entertaining divorce petitions, do they also present legal advice? Did they help mediate between you and your spouse’s irreconcilable differences? 
  • Do they guarantee that your documents will get approved and pass through court hearings?
  • Would they support cases of contested divorce? Or do they only work with uncontested divorce cases?

These questions helped me identify companies that offer stellar services and are dedicated to the needs of wealthier clients and those that overprice their products and under-deliver to their clients.

Step 4: Contacting Customers 

After collecting sufficient information on the companies and their services and provisions, I reached out to customers about their actual experiences.

Seeking out real-life testimony straight from the clients can entirely change people’s opinion of a business.

Imagine my surprise when the clients didn’t hold back in describing how troublesome their transactions were with certain providers! One-star reviews exist, and they come from dissatisfied clients.

Step 5: Interviews with Online Divorce Services in Oregon

Next on my agenda was meeting with the sales and marketing teams of various online divorce services. 

I laid out questions about the relevance and timeliness of their website. I also dove into the specifics of their product listings and services. Lastly, I raised concerns and complaints I have gathered from my talk with past clients. 

Whereas some used their failures as stepping stones to deliver better and successful services, there were still companies that insisted the customers just did not know how to follow the procedure.

Step 6: Test Drives

Finally, I had to test out the available online divorce services. 

I cannot tell you how many times I tried to “divorce” my beautiful wife (we are very much in love and happily married, thank you).

I wanted to know what the user experience is like to navigate online systems and divorce paperwork. Basically, I put in my name, address, and property and assets to start the process and evaluate the service.

Step 7: Ratings

Reviews, client feedback, company transparency, and user experience all resulted in my ranking of the different online divorce services, based on how well they performed on the aforementioned factors. 

Best Oregon Online Divorce Review Summary

In writing this article, I dedicated over a week’s worth of “divorcing” my wife to identifying the best online divorce service provider. 

From 14 initial searches, 10 were competent whilst the other four were . . . questionable. I came up with a comprehensive review for the top three online divorce services, with 3 Step Divorce ranking first place.

For the price tag of $299, 3 Step Divorce successfully delivers the following quality services:

  • Real-time customer support
  • Online negotiation tool to reach agreements
  • Instant access to forms
  • Access to an extensive collection of free resources
  • Simple and easy instructions in filing divorce paperwork

The cherry on top: they can guarantee that the court will approve your request!

Welcome a new chapter in life. Secure your divorce with 3 Step Divorce.

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