The 10 Best Providers for Online Divorce in Pennsylvania in 2023

No one wants to file for divorce, and yet sometimes it is necessary for our wellbeing. Oftentimes when we think of divorce, we think of stress, despair, and a whole lot of legal fees. 

If you’ve found yourself in this position, know that you can rely on this review to give you an impartial assessment of Pennsylvania’s 10 best online divorce providers. 

The hope is that this review offers you peace of mind when choosing an online divorce provider, so that you feel less stress over the whole process. 

Here is what I found.

1. My Top Pick: 3 Step Divorce — 9.45/10 (Best Pennsylvania Online Divorce Service)

Hands down, 3 Step Divorce is the top choice for filing for divorce online in Pennsylvania. Their software is simple to use, their customer service is highly responsive, and overall they are the best bang for your buck. What separates 3 Step Divorce from the crowd is that they are the only providers to guarantee that your divorce papers will be approved by the Pennsylvania court. 


Like your best friend, there is plenty to adore about 3 Step Divorce

First, their online software is easy-peasy to use! In less time than it takes to create a charcuterie board fit for a party, you can fill out their online questionnaire and create custom online divorce papers suited to your exact needs. 

Second, 3 Step Divorce offers an online negotiation tool, which is particularly helpful if you need to work out the details of the divorce out with your spouse. For example, if you are disputing child-related issues, such as custody or child support, you can settle this online from the comfort of your home, without having to involve lawyers. It’s like ordering food online and getting it shipped to your door—no middlemen involved and sushi at your fingertips!

To make it even easier for you to file for divorce in Pennsylvania, 3 Step Divorce offers simple step-by-step instructions that guide you along on the online divorce process. Even better, there are solid customer service reps available to answer any of your burning questions so that you can get on with your life. 

To get started, you’ll create an account online that you can come back to at any time to work on your customized divorce papers. It’s like going shopping—you can pick out whatever clothes you want and no one can say anything about it!

You can even get specialized divorces, for example a military divorce. They also offer a variety of free online resources so you can gain knowledge about your specific type of divorce in Pennsylvania. They’re like a public library, only better because you can play your music as loud as you want in your own home. 

3 Step Divorce is unique because they don’t have hidden fees for all their extra services, such as their customized online negotiation tool, customer service, or complimentary resources. They’re as unique as your eccentric aunt who has four cats, plays the harp, and makes her own jam. 

The absolute best part about 3 Step Divorce—the part that will make you run to your friends and tell them all about it—is that they guarantee your forms will be approved by the Pennsylvania court! This means all the hard work you’ve done wont be put to waste. It’s like shoveling the driveway of snow once and then getting no snow for the rest of the season. 

A sweet little bonus is if you complete the forms in one day you’ll receive a $50 refund off your total fee of $299! Or, you can take your time with the forms and pay $84/month. They are reasonably priced, like a community vendor who charges fair prices for their fabulous products. 


So you know how much there is to like about 3 Step Divorce, and like anything, they aren’t perfect. There are two things about this provider that aren’t amazing. 

Their website sucks. Like, it’s bad. Bad as in it needs a serious makeover. It’s like the Beast before it turns into the handsome prince charming every woman dreams of. But hey, the looks don’t compromise on quality so it’s a win there. 

The other thing that’s not perfect about 3 Step Divorce is that it doesn’t offer as many services as some of the pricier providers out there. For example, they don’t file the documents on your behalf. 

They are customizable as all heck yes, but the small drawback is that they don’t do everything under the sun. It would be nice if they did!


3 Step Divorce is the top choice for an online divorce in Pennsylvania because like any great provider they offer a seamless service experience for a fair price. And, best of all, they are the only providers in this review, and in general, to offer you a guarantee that your divorce papers will be approved by the Pennsylvania court. 

Yes, their website is ugly as all heck, and they don’t offer AS many services as some of the other providers (for a steep fee, mind you). However, and this is a big however, their website’s looks don’t affect the easy use of the software itself, and you save your precious money, all while not taking a hit on important services like customer representation and cool online tools and resources. 

More about that tool, 3 Step Divorce’s online tool allows you to negotiate the terms of your divorce in Pennsylvania. Also, 3 Step Divorce offers customer service representatives who will guide you through the process should you have any questions. And, of course, the best part about 3 Step Divorce is that they are the only company to guarantee your divorce forms will be accepted by the Pennsylvania court. 

It’s like your favorite pair of socks, they feel great and do exactly what they’re meant to do, they last, and they won’t let your little feetsies get cold, EVER!

If you want a divorce as good as your best pair of foot warmers, head on to 3 Step Divorce today

2. Runner Up: It’s Over Easy — 7.85/10 (Expensive for an Online Divorce in Pennsylvania, but Comprehensive)

Coming in at number two on the list is It’s Over Easy, an extremely comprehensive provider that offers a plethora of resources at a very expensive price. 


Laura Wasser created It’s Over Easy. Originally for celebrities, you’ll be flying high with this online divorce provider with all its bells and whistles. Like a Lambo, you get what you pay for. 

Another thing that sets It’s Over Easy apart is that they offer packages for you to choose from. The first one is their basic package, which allows you to complete your divorce papers online and sends them to your spouse via email. Their other package, the premium package, is where the money’s at, both literally and figuratively. 

Compared to other offerings in this review, It’s Over Easy’s premium package offers the most services. Like the basic package, they’ll help you fill out the online divorce forms and send them to your spouse via email on your behalf. Then they go one (try a million) steps further. You will get a dedicated case manager, you won’t have to worry about filing for the court because they do that for you, also the forms sent are all done electronically, and of course you get all this without having to use a lawyer—saving you money. 


It’s Over Easy is the most expensive online divorce provider out there. Most people can’t afford them and despite the fact that they offer so much, their lack of affordability is the reason they’ve landed at #2. 

Their basic package comes in at a whopping $750 and the most they do for you is send an email. You’ve got better things to spend your money on, like a day trip to the spa or, if you’re responsible, just save it. 

Their premium package costs more than some cars at $2500! You’d probably rather spend that money on something a whole lot more fun and useful, like a cruise or a new car. 


It’s Over Easy provides services that 3 Step Divorce doesn’t, and it comes at a steep price. 

If you’re willing and able to pay for their premium plan, It’s Over Easy will offer you the most services out of any of these online divorce providers in Pennsylvania. 

If a premium package sounds great to you, head on over to It’s Over Easy now. 

3. Rocket Lawyer — 7.3/10 (Best Budget Option for Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania)

Rocket Lawyer is sweet like your grandma’s cookies because they are friendly on the wallet. They are also salty for many reasons. Usually sweet and salty work well together, but in this case, the taste is slightly off, which is why Rocket Lawyer has come in at #3. 


The best part about Rocket Lawyer is that they’re the second cheapest provider compared to all the other ones on this list. They are also a general legal provider so if you happen to have had your car stolen (or are the thief of a car and need legal advice), you can look to them for guidance. 

Their fees are a subscription, which is convenient if you plan to take your time filing for divorce in Pennsylvania. For $39/month you can file your divorce forms online and you also get a 30-minute consultation with an actual lawyer for no extra cost. 

With all these services and for a nominal fee, you’d think Rocket Lawyer would wind up at the top of this review. But alas, many reasons keep them from the #1 spot. 


Sadly, there are a lot of reasons why you won’t like Rocket Lawyer. 

First, they aren’t specialized in Pennsylvania divorce. This is why they are so affordable: they offer you generalized lawyer support rather than divorce-specific support. They’re like a MacDonald’s burger, cheap and still a burger, but just barely. 

This leads to their second main negative, which is that their online system isn’t very user friendly. Unlike 3 Step Divorce, which allows you to customize the forms to your exact specifications, Rocket Lawyer again keeps it pretty general. Like when you’re giving someone directions even though you yourself don’t know where the destination is. 

Rocket Lawyer is a risky choice because you’ll go through all the work of filing for divorce and you won’t even get a guarantee that the papers will be approved by the Pennsylvania court. What’s worse, any legal advice you get is just that, general legal advice, and may not pertain to your exact divorce situation—unlike 3 Step Divorce, which offers an online negotiation tool and customizable divorce forms. 


Rocket Lawyer works well on some levels and on others, not so much. 

One benefit is that you’ll save plenty of money and another is that you’ll get a 30-minute complimentary session with a lawyer. The drawbacks are significant and the lawyer you’ll be speaking to doesn’t specialize in divorce and neither do their online forms (which is why they charge so little for their service). And of course, unlike 3 Step Divorce, your divorce forms aren’t guaranteed by the Pennsylvania court. 

If you want a headache, look no further than Rocket Lawyer. If you don’t want a headache, use 3 Step Divorce to file for divorce. 

4. Divorce Writer 

Divorce Writer comes in at #4 because like all the providers above it, they offer some services, but unlike the above providers, this one misses out on a massive need of yours. It’s like when you go to the waterpark but forgot your bathing suit. 

You’ll experience the bare minimum when it comes to service offerings with Divorce Writer. You’ll also have two years to access your divorce forms online. They also offer the lowest price guarantee. 

The downside is their customer support. Like 3 Step Divorce’s website, it sucks big time. 

You’ll want quality customer support when you file for divorce in Pennsylvania simply because getting an uncontested divorce without a lawyer requires a certain level of understanding of the fancy-shmancy legal jargon. It’s more than likely you’ll need to ask for help. And with Divorce Writer, you won’t get the help you deserve. 

It’s a shock, but with Divorce Writer the only way to access their customer support is via email. Like, what?!

Yes, you save money, but sadly you (don’t) get what you (don’t) pay for.

5. LegalZoom

LegalZoom aren’t experts in divorce, which is why they are trailing behind the higher-rated providers like 3 Step Divorce

You’ll be able to file for uncontested divorce online and receive a decent level of customer support. LegalZoom offers one unique service and that is a lawyer will take the time to look over your forms to ensure they are properly filled out before you hand them off to the court.

This is sweet but like cheap candy, there’s a downside and it’s more than a tummy ache. 

LegalZoom isn’t very affordable at $499 and for all they don’t offer it’s actually pretty pricey. They also take at least 48 hours to review your papers so you for sure won’t have the whole thing done in one day like you can with 3 Step Divorce. 

Compared to 3 Step Divorce, which is cheaper and guarantees your papers will be approved by the Pennsylvania court, LegalZoom doesn’t come close. 

6. One Stop Divorce

One Stop Divorce offers two product choices to choose from.

They ensure you get your forms filled out just like all the other providers on this list, so they don’t stand out there. They are priced competitively at $299. 

What is a total drag about One Stop Divorce and really makes them stand out (and not in a good way), is that they’ve limited the amount of times you can view and edit your documents online.

Like flu variants, it gets worse. You have to pay a $19/month fee just to keep your documents saved on your server. It would be comical if it wasn’t your hard-earned money we’re talking about here. 

These two reasons landed One Stop Divorce a few steps behind everyone else. 

And now the rest . . .

Like the difference between black and white tiles on a vintage floor, there are some obvious differences between online divorce providers. 

You’ll find providers that offer the same service (with slight variations) at similar price points. And then you’ll find other providers that can only be described as pure garbage. 

For whatever reason, these companies take advantage of people and offer nothing more than air for sale. 

These providers suck more than leeches. 

Read on to learn why you won’t like these companies. 

7. Complete Case 

Complete Case looked promising at first but upon closer inspection I discovered some serious issues that just can’t be ignored. 

First, their system doesn’t work on all their browsers, which is absolutely insane. Second, their method of communication is slow, snail mail in fact. So not only does their software not work on all browsers but also it will take a lifetime and a half to receive your uncontested divorce papers. 

This is why they’ve landed at #7, because if you make even the smallest mistake on your divorce forms, you’ll have to redo the whole thing and then get them to mail it back to you AGAIN! It’s as frustrating as watching a local community hockey team bomb over and over again. 

What’s more, their customer service isn’t fantastic either. Take a look at this review, which is one that speaks to many of their customers’ experiences. 

A review below summarizes the really awful experiences. 

3 Step Divorce not only gives stellar customer service but also guarantees the Pennsylvania court will approve your divorce forms, so why waste your precious time with Complete Case?


It doesn’t get any better with

Their very product doesn’t work. As in, their software is so outdated that it won’t produce viable divorce forms for the Pennsylvania court to approve. They are cheaply priced for a good reason. 

It’s only a guarantee that the judge won’t approve of your papers, so why would you spend your time and money and energy (let’s be real, those are all the same things) on a service that won’t give you what you’re seeking?

Run. Run far. 


It only gets more atrocious with Not only is their product outdated, but also—no joke—they have the second-worst customer reviews out there. 

A sizable 34% of their reviews are one star! That’s bad! Like really bad. 

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since their product doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. 

10. GetDivorcePapers

GetDivorcePapers lands at the bottom of this review because quite simply, they have the absolute worst reviews out there. 

They somehow managed to nearly double their one-star ratings, and those come in at a whopping 64%. More anger inducing, they also hit you with random hidden fees that they aren’t super clear about up front. 

If your peace of mind matters, steer clear of this provider. 

The Bottom Line

So that you don’t have to, I’ve researched, ranked, and compared the top 10 online divorce providers so that you can get your divorce in the state of Pennsylvania. My number one choice is 3 Step Divorce

Simply put, their software is the most user friendly out of all providers reviewed. Their customer service is reliable and on hand when you need them. They have step-by-step instructions on how to fill out their customizable forms online, which makes the whole process stress free and easily understandable. It’s like buying all your Christmas presents online and getting them shipped to each gift receiver. 

Most importantly, and what helps 3 Step Divorce stand out from the crowd, is that they not only offer a unique online negotiation tool but also they are the only providers out there to guarantee your uncontested divorce papers will be approved by the Pennsylvania court!

Their website isn’t the prettiest, but we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and this is very true with 3 Step Divorce. 

Check out 3 Step Divorce now for a convenient state of Pennsylvania divorce process. 


I used seven steps to determine which online divorce providers came out on top in the state of Pennsylvania and which trended toward the bottom. 

Step 1: Initial Online Divorce Service List

To get started, I searched “online divorce Pennsylvania.” Fourteen providers came up on the first search. Those providers that did not include Pennsylvania were removed from the list. 

Step 2: Online Reviews

The second step involved reading the reviews of each of the Pennsylvania online divorce providers. This is one of the most important steps because, as we know, reviews are everything these days. They give us a great, quick snapshot into the quality of service. 

Those companies at the top had thousands of five-star reviews, while as you’ve read, those companies who received less than amazing reviews landed at the bottom of the pack. 

Step 3: Product Analysis

The next important step was to complete in-depth research of the exact services each company provided. The companies that were ranked higher provided a more comprehensive set of services, while those that ranked lower offered less:

  • Does their process allow you to file for uncontested divorce without a lawyer? If a lawyer is involved, what does the attorney-client relationship look like?
  • How does their product help you come to an agreement with your spouse? What about property division? Do they help you and your spouse agree to the division of property? How much time does property division add to the process? 
  • What about child-related issues such as child support? Will they help you negotiate child support payments? How do the providers settle child support without a lawyer?
  • What does the filing for divorce process look like? How does one go about court filing?
  • How does one file the Pennsylvania divorce documents? Is there a waiting period after you file the documents? How long after completion of forms does the uncontested divorce in the state of Pennsylvania get approved by the court?
  • What if someone wants to file a divorce complaint? How long does it take to draft a divorce complaint?
  • What are your rights, remedies, or options in Pennsylvania if you and your spouse cannot agree on the divorce settlement?
  • Is the online divorce provider in Pennsylvania a law firm? Or are they general legal advice? Is the provider a substitute for the advice of an attorney specialized in uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania?
  • Does the company provide access to self-guided online questionnaires like? How do self-guided online questionnaires help you qualify for an online divorce in Pennsylvania?
  • How do they help you file for divorce without a lawyer in Pennsylvania? 
  • How long does it take to file Pennsylvania divorce papers online without a lawyer?

Step 4: Contacting Customers

I reached out to Pennsylvania customers of each of the online divorce providers to gain understanding of an in-depth customer experience. What was of interest to me was if the online reviews matched up with actual in-person customers. 

As you might have guessed, those companies whose customer reviews both online and in person were really great, were ranked higher. Those companies whose customer reviews were awful both in person and online ranked lower. 

Step 5: Interviews with Online Divorce Services in Pennsylvania

The next step was to contact each of the online divorce providers. This was an interesting experience because I got to ask the sales reps about some of their best and worst customer reviews. 

The online divorce providers who were open to receiving feedback and were honest about any negative reviews ranked higher and those providers who were more argumentative and less honest about their negative reviews ranked lower. 

Step 6: Test Drives 

Finally, it was time to use each of the providers’ software. 

I entered my personal information and pretended to actually file for divorce (sorry, babe). This way, I got to experience each of the service providers as if I were going through the Pennsylvania divorce process. Using all the information I’d gained beforehand to really get a solid understanding of each of the companies, I put all the knowledge I had of their product to use. 

Step 7: Ratings

A large database housed all the information I gathered from steps one through six. Each review was like a flavor of ice cream, some delicious and leaving me wanting more and others not so much. 

Based on all the criteria listed above, I compared and contrasted each “flavor” of ice cream to come up with the ratings list. You deserve the best-tasting online uncontested Pennsylvania divorce!

Best Pennsylvania Online Divorce Review Summary

So that you can get on with your Pennsylvania divorce, I’ve researched, reviewed, and ranked 10 of Pennsylvania’s best online divorce companies. 

By far, 3 Step Divorce is the best provider out there today. They are the only ones to guarantee a successfully uncontested divorce, their customer service rocks, and their software is quite simple to use. 

For $299 they offer a lot at a reasonable price:

  • Easily accessible customer support
  • Unique online negotiation tool 
  • Full-time access to your online divorce 
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Many resources at your fingertips
  • Step-by-step instructions of how to use their software

And, most importantly, they guarantee your divorce papers will be approved by the court!

If you’re looking to get your divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer, head on over to 3 Step Divorce today!

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