The 10 Best Washington Providers for Online Divorce 2023

Traditional divorce is a messy, painful drama that disrupts lives and causes immeasurable stress.

To help you avoid a mentally draining and horrific divorce experience that drains your bank account without providing the service you actually need, I’ve researched the 10 best online divorce companies in Washington. 

Read my reviews below to find an online divorce service in Washington that will rise to the challenge.

My Top Pick: 3 Step Divorce – 9.45/10 (Best Washington Online Divorce Service)

My first choice for online divorce in Washington is 3 Step Divorce. Yes, their website looks like a Flintstones’ fever dream, but you get the most value from them and they are the only service in Washington that guarantees the court will accept your divorce papers at the first try. 


3 Step Divorce will guarantee an easy and hassle-free online divorce. 

Let’s kick things off with their easy-to-use system. Answer a few simple questions and receive a customized divorce form. In less time than it takes to do a Costco haul, you can sign up, answer the questions on the forms, and complete them. 

An online negotiation tool is one of the many services 3 Step Divorce offers that make their divorce process so effortless. Instead of arguing with your soon-to-be ex over every step of the divorce—which, let’s be honest, is not fun—you can quickly set this up and come to a peaceful resolution over things like spousal support and child custody. 

They tell you exactly how to file your divorce papers. What’s also convenient is you can save all your documents on a profile to revisit and make edits at any time. It’s like a choose-your-own toppings froYo shop where instead of the boring old toppings of yore (like those nasty sprinkles) you can load up on Oreos. 

3 Step Divorce is also useful if you are seeking a military divorce, or any other specialized divorce, as they offer a fountain of variety. You also receive extra support because they’ve got a plethora of resources, such as online parenting classes and post divorce support. Unlike a dating profile, no aspects (like random fees) are kept hidden. 

What payment options would you like for your divorce? For less than a sock at Lululemon, you can pay their $299 filing fee or for less than a hair scrunchie at Lululemon, you can pay $84/month. What’s even cooler? Finish all their forms in one day and get $50 back! You can even use the $50 to buy a breath of air at Lululemon. 

At the end of the day, what’s really important is that you have peace of mind during what is normally a highly stressful experience. With 3 Step Divorce, your papers are guaranteed to be accepted by the court the first time around. 


3 Step Divorce has its drawbacks. 

Yes, you can still use their website to get the job done, it just looks so sad. Like when my cats got neutered and had to wear cones to keep them from licking their wounds. 3 Step Divorce’s website looks like a kitty wearing the cone of shame. 

Also notable is that 3 Step Divorce doesn’t do some things for you, like file the papers to your spouse on your behalf. Other services do do this (yes I just said doo-doo), but it comes at a high price. 


3 Step Divorce is my #1 choice for getting a divorce in Washington, straight up. They are affordable and provide all you need to complete your divorce with grace. 

Yes, their website is a pathetic excuse for website design, but it doesn’t impact the quality of service you receive. They also don’t offer as many services as the fancier (AKA pricier) online divorce companies. 

At the end of the day, however, 3 Step Divorce offers something that no other service does, and that’s guaranteed court acceptance of your papers. This means you will only have to do this once, unless you’re Zsa Zsa Gabor, who has been married nine times. 

Runner Up: It’s Over Easy – 7.85/10 (Expensive for an Online Divorce in Washington, but Comprehensive)

You’ll find It’s Over Easy behind 3 Step Divorce for one reason: they offer a lot of extra services and make you pay for it (don’t worry, it’s not with your life, this isn’t a deal with the devil). 


To finalize your divorce in Washington, It’s Over Easy’s premium package offers quite a bit, leaving you time to do other fun adulting things like washing the dishes or putting the kids down for a nap. They’ll sort through the whole divorce process for you and assign you a case manager. Pretty much all you’re doing is signing forms and, with your case manager, sorting out all the divorce details like a parenting plan, child support, and custody. 

They also have a basic package. With this option, you can complete the forms, download them, and they’ll email them to your partner for you. 

It’s Over Easy really plays with puns so you’ll love them for that, because with them (and prepare to cringe) it really is over easy.  


It’s Over Easy’s con is a pretty big one. No, it’s not the pun, it’s the price. This is why they fall in behind 3 Step Divorce

It sucks, actually, because with how they price their services you have to choose the Premium Package to really complete your divorce with ease. The only help you get with the Basic Package is an email sent on your behalf. You can send an email in half a second. It’s not worth $750. 

And the Premium Package is really going to set you back. For $2,500, yes, you get a lot, but is that worth the price of the vacation you’ll need after your divorce? It would be a better idea to go with 3 Step Divorce and put the money towards a real vacation, not just one you take in your mind. 


It’s Over Easy gives you a hands-free, online divorce experience at a high price. 

If you’d rather spend the extra dough and finish up your divorce with peace of mind, then this option makes the most sense for you. 

To learn more about this divorce service in Washington, check out It’s Over Easy here

#3: Rocket Lawyer – 7.3/10 (Best Budget Option for Uncontested Divorce in Washington)

There is a lot to like about Rocket Lawyer, but like the name suggests, there is one issue that will make you want to rocket away from them. 


Rocket Lawyer is the only service provider to offer a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer to discuss your unique needs. Also, the price is set competitively at $39/month. 

Compared to all other online divorce services, Rocket Lawyer is by far the cheapest. 


Wondering what you’re not going to like about Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer does not specialize in divorce. Yes, they are the only company that gives you access to a lawyer, but what’s great about them is also what’s not so great. Like flavored yogurt, yes the cherry is delicious but it’s also loaded with sugar. 

Because they don’t have customizable forms, you’ll have to do the grunt work yourself. You run the risk of doing all that hard work but not getting your papers approved by the court, and having to go back and do it over again. 

Worse, Rocket Lawyer does not provide a guarantee of court approval. 

3 Step Divorce gives you that guarantee right up front. Yes, it’s a little more initial cost, but when you factor in that time is, in fact, money, Rocket Lawyer’s savings aren’t worth the hassle. 


There are things to like about Rocket Lawyer and there are things that you won’t like, guaranteed. See? Puns are funny. 

Yes, you will save some money up front. Their membership at $39/month can’t be beaten. And you also get a complimentary, 30-minute consultation with a lawyer to discuss your specific needs. 

But you still have to deal with the sad fact that your divorce paperwork is not guaranteed by the court, unlike 3 Step Divorce. If a guaranteed divorce is what you really want, check out 3 Step Divorce

#4: Divorce Writer 

Divorce Writer will help you get a divorce (albeit not guaranteed) without much in the way of customer service. 

What Divorce Writer does guarantee is price, and it’s the lowest. Like all the other services, you’ll be able to fill out divorce papers and serve your soon-to-be ex. You can also alter your divorce forms for up to two years. Hopefully the process won’t take that long!

About their lack of customer service, it’s a serious problem. You may already know from your own research that getting a divorce requires a fair amount of all that really fun, legal jargon. 

Customer support is so crucial for you during this time because you’re already going through a lot. It’s much easier when you know you can reach out and get the support you deserve to file your divorce. 

This is why Divorce Lawyer comes in behind 3 Step DIvorce, It’s Over Easy, and Rocket Lawyer

The best you get with Divorce Lawyer in Washington state is an email. Yup, an email. 

Divorce Writer fails its customers in this critical element of the divorce process. If you want comprehensive customer service, check out 3 Step Divorce

#5: LegalZoom

Rocket Lawyer isn’t the only service offering unspecialized lawyer consultations in Washington state. Say hello to LegalZoom!

LegalZoom comes in at #5 because, like Rocket Lawyer, they offer a consultation with a lawyer. But unlike Rocket Lawyer and all the other divorce services, including 3 Step Divorce, they don’t specialize in divorce. 

LegalZoom’s service is much more expensive than Rocket Lawyer’s. For $499 you get a consultation with a lawyer, but it’s going to take at least two days for the lawyer to review your divorce forms. 

That sounds great, but consider for a second that although a lawyer reviews your divorce forms, there’s no guarantee you’ll get approval from the court. 

LegalZoom offers something that the other companies don’t, which is a complete review of your divorce documents by one of their lawyers to ensure your forms are correct, but since you’ll get a guaranteed divorce with 3 Step Divorce, they are the better bet in Washington state. 

#6: One Stop Divorce

One Stop Divorce offers the bare minimum to complete your divorce in Washington and they don’t let you view your divorce documents as much as you might need to. 

What’s worse, you also get hit with a $19/month subscription fee to store the documents online. This is more expensive than an Ultra HD Netflix subscription! At least with those you can rewatch the Office as many times as you’d like and watch Michael make a fool of himself in high res. 

Don’t use this service if you want consistent access to your divorce forms in Washington state and refuse to pay more for less. 

And, now, the rest…

You’ll find that two categories of online divorce exist in Washington state. 

It’s like comparing the sun and the moon. On the sunny side, you’ll find service providers offering the same service, more or less. On the dark side, you’ll come up against what can only be described as deplorable service offerings and overpriced, less-than-stellar customer service. 

The following are examples of online Washington divorce companies that have crossed over to the dark side. Insert joke about Darth Vader here. If you find my lack of faith disturbing, (oh, there it is!) prepare yourself for this cruel reality: not all divorce companies in the nation’s top apple-producing state are alike. Some are, in fact, bad apples. 

#7: Complete Case

You could say that Complete Case is the best of the worst in Washington state. Yes, it’s a backhanded compliment and it’s also true. They come in at #7. 

They look great. You’ll come across a snazzy-as-heck website with all the bells and whistles. But, like a narcissist, the beauty here is only skin deep. 

Their website is not functional. Yes, it’s 2021 but their site doesn’t work on all browsers! How do you like them apples?

Yuck! Bite into the apple again and find out that the only way you can get your divorce documents served is by, yup you guessed it, mail! What century are we in?

On top of all that, you won’t be satisfied by their customer service. It’s like mediocre sushi; it probably won’t give you food poisoning, but don’t go back for seconds. 

You’re taking a huge and unnecessary risk with Complete Case because if you make one little mistake on the forms, you have to redo them and wait for the snail to come with your mail. 

The review below does its job and tells it like it is with this provider. Normally bad reviews are reserved for people who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but with Complete Case, this review is completely true. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. 

You shouldn’t use Complete Case if you want a hassle-free divorce in Washington state. 


Down we go to MyDivorcePapers, coming in at #8 because they’re more outdated than all of the companies in Washington state you’ve read about so far. 

Purchasing this service is like buying a dinosaur. Sounds cool at first, but eventually you’re left with nothing but an aged chicken lizard and no Washington divorce. 

In other words, their divorce papers are super old! It would be so annoying to go through all the hard work of filing your divorce forms only to have them rejected because they don’t meet the court’s standards. 

Stay away from this Washington provider if you want guaranteed court approval of your divorce forms, but go ahead and buy a dinosaur because wouldn’t that be cool?

#9: comes in at #9 for an uncontested divorce service in Washington for one reason—they had the second worst reviews. doesn’t give a hoot about providing quality customer service for your Washington divorce, as demonstrated by over one-third of their reviews getting a whopping one-star rating! 

Adding to the absurdity is the fact that their forms aren’t even the ones you need, so the court probably won’t approve them. 

You should not use if you’re seeking an uncontested divorce in Washington, because it’s not you, it’s them. 

#10: GetDivorcePapers

How did GetDivorcePapers come in last place for uncontested divorce? They have the worst reviews out of all online providers. 

Somehow, they managed to get even more one-star reviews than OnlineDivorce, adding up to two-thirds of their reviews. Quite like Shakira’s hips, reviews don’t lie, friends. 

If you’re unsure about what the heck GetDivorcePapers is actually doing with your precious time, I wouldn’t blame you. 

Don’t use this Washington service if you want any sort of happiness in your life, or an online divorce. 

The Bottom Line

Want to file for divorce online in Washington without a lawyer? 3 Step Divorce is the clear winner of this group of uncontested divorce services in Washington state. 

3 Step Divorce makes the online divorce process as simple as possible so you can file for divorce with their customizable forms, and—let’s not forget—they are the only ones who will guarantee that the court will approve your papers. With 3 Step Divorce you can get your dissolution of marriage, without a lawyer, as soon as possible. 

Their website looks like E.T.’s face, but it doesn’t impact their resources and dedicated customer service. 

Forget the drugs, if you are ready to feel high on life and file for divorce from your spouse, check out 3 Step Divorce in Washington now


Now you’ll learn about the seven steps I used to identify the top providers of online uncontested divorce in Washington state so that you can file for divorce without a lawyer. 

Step 1: Initial Online Divorce Service List

Google helped me out with this one. I searched “online divorce” to see what results came up for uncontested divorce in Washington state. 

I found 14 online providers in Washington. Keep reading to learn how I reviewed them.  

Step 2: Online Reviews

The second step was to wade through reviews for each online service of Washington divorce. As you would expect and as you’ve read so far, some scored top reviews and others, well, not so much. It’s like the difference between real and fake roses; a real rose warms your heart, fills you with those warm, cozy feelings while fake roses only disappoint.  You’re filing for divorce in Washington, which means you care about finding the right Washington provider. 

There are plenty of providers for uncontested divorce in Washington without a lawyer. I was curious to see which had the best reviews for divorce forms, uncontested divorce, child support, and the overall divorce process. 

Step 3: Product Analysis

I cut out the ones that weren’t worth my time or yours. After that, I stuck to the Washington companies that would help you complete a successful online divorce in Washington without a lawyer. 

  • How are their dissolution documents prepared? What happens if you need a petition for divorce?
  • How do they display the forms online? Are they easy-to-navigate, blank forms and all in one place? Do they provide enough access to self-guided divorce?
  • Are they an adequate substitute for the advice of a real lawyer?
  • Are their divorce documents blank forms? What kind of paperwork do they offer so you can end your marriage with your spouse?
  • How quick is their process for Washington dissolution of marriage?
  • How does one file the divorce documents?
  • Do they offer self-help services? 
  • How much involvement do they have with your local Washington court? Do they provide Washington local-court filing?
  • Do they specialize in family law or assist with family and child-related issues? Do they help with property division?
  • What are their filing fees for the paperwork? How many documents do they offer you?
  • Are they an actual Washington law firm? Do they provide other types of marriage dissolution?
  • Will they help you with your case if they don’t guarantee court approval?
  • Do their resources include a parenting plan for you and your spouse? How do they help cases that are child-related? What do they offer in terms of support for your children? What services do they offer in terms of child support? How do they differ in child support resources? Do they specialize in child support? 
  • Do they protect your confidential information, including from your spouse?
  • Do they assist with a petition for divorce from your spouse in Washington? Is their petition for dissolution of marriage stress-free or does it require a great deal of hard work on your end to fill out the documents?

Step 4: Interviews with Actual Customers

In this step, I spoke with the above online service providers’ customers to see if the reviews about their divorces in Washington coincided with their real-life experiences. Turns out, for the companies at the bottom of the list, some customers would’ve scored the providers zero if they could because using them to fill out forms online was such a bother. Yikes!

Step 5: Interviews with Each Online Divorce Service

I sought out companies that claimed to provide this service in Washington and asked them directly about their negative reviews to see how they’d respond. Those that scored higher on my list took the time to address their customers’ concerns. Those providers who didn’t seem to care about their negative reviews scored lower. 

I used my latent detective skills to discover the reasons behind these Washington companies’ reviews. 

Step 6: Test Drives

Vroom vroom! The next step was to put these babies to a test so you can get the best online dissolution of marriage in the state of Washington. No, sadly there was no supercar to drive. Instead, I tested out each company’s online software to fill out documents so that you don’t have to!

I pretended to get an uncontested divorce in the state of Washington so that I could experience the software as you would. In this way, I could see the pros and cons of each online provider. 

Step 7: Ratings

All the information came together in this final step. In order to get you the best uncontested divorce in Washington state, I created a list to see how they stacked up against one another. 

Just like going to a food fair and trying every single food truck available, it was hard work with a rewarding payoff.   

Best Washington Online Divorce Review Summary

This review is designed with you in mind. My hope is that every bit of information will empower you with knowledge you need to make an informed decision to file the documents and get an uncontested divorce in the state of Washington. 

3 Step divorce comes out as top dog because they are the easiest provider in Washington to divorce without a law firm. 

Do you want to get your Washington divorce done right the first time? 3 Step Divorce is a clear choice for a hassle-free, online divorce experience. They offer customizable divorce paperwork at a competitive price, substitute for the advice of a law firm, and will guarantee a finalized divorce through your local court. 

For $299 you get an uncontested divorce and you also receive:

  • Unlimited revisions on your divorce papers
  • Simple instructions to follow
  • Immediately downloadable and printable divorce papers
  • Resources available at your fingertips

Did I mention they will guarantee the court will accept your papers?

Don’t bother wasting your time with any other online provider. If you want the easiest online uncontested divorce in Washington, head to 3 Step Divorce now.

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