Strangest Laws in Maine

The ‘Pine Tree State’ has a set of laws in its Constitution that are so strange you’ll wonder how they ended up in the books. For instance, it’s illegal to park a vehicle in front of a Dunkin Donuts in South Berwick and dogs in the city of Waterboro must be kept on a leash … Read More

Strangest Laws in Louisiana

The ‘Pelican State’ is a melting pot of diverse cultures, from French, African, French-Canadian, to modern American. It’s also famous for its unique Cajun and Creole cultures, food, jazz music (New Orleans is sometimes called the “birthplace of jazz”) and the renowned Mardi Gras festival. But what most people are not aware of are Louisiana’s … Read More

Strangest Laws in Maryland

The ‘Old Line’ state is well known for its fishing industry. Its annual catch of seafood, from blue crabs to oysters to rockfish, is worth more than $50 million. Francis Scott Key, the man who composed the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ was a poet, lawyer and author from Frederick, Maryland. What most people, perhaps even Marylanders, don’t … Read More

Strangest Laws in Minnesota

The Minnesota state legislature and municipal authorities in the various county jurisdictions across the state have enacted a series of weird ordinances over the years, and for one reason or another, they’ve never been overturned, remaining active in the books to this day. Usually these laws appear in the books following a court ruling on … Read More

Strangest Laws in Michigan

The Mitten State’s Constitution has been approved by the people of Michigan four times. The first time was on October 5, 1835, just before the state was admitted to the Union in January 1837. Subsequent constitutions were ratified in 1850 and 1908. The current Constitution was approved by the voters in 1963, following a constitutional … Read More

Strangest Laws in Massachusetts

The Bay State, like every other state, has its fair share of weird laws that can make you scratch your head and wonder why they were ever made in the first place. For instance, it is illegal to deface a milk carton and it’s prohibited to keep a mule on the second floor of a … Read More

Strangest Laws in Kentucky

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is bordered by Illinois, Indiana, Ohio to the north, West Virginia and Virginia to the east, Tennessee to the south and Missouri to the west. This area is popularly known as the ‘Bluegrass Region’ and contains the commonwealth’s capital, the city of Frankfort in Kentucky. Another interesting tidbit about the ‘Bluegrass … Read More

Strangest Laws in Kansas

Kansas has a set of truly wacky laws in its Constitution, for instance, it’s illegal to strike a vending machine that stole your money and everyone with a yard in their property must keep it fully weeded. Below is a collection of eight weird laws from the State of Kansas. 1. Whistling in the streets … Read More

Strangest Laws in Indiana

Indiana is a very conservative state. In fact the state has the third-largest Amish population in the US and 72% of Hoosiers (referring to residents of the state) belong to the Christian faith. With this in mind, you wouldn’t expect anything out of the ordinary to happen in the state. However, a quick glance at … Read More

Strangest Laws In Iowa

The ‘Hawkeye State’ has a couple of laws in its Constitution that are quite bizarre. For instance, it is illegal for waiters in restaurants to accept tips or any form of gratuity and church ministers are not allowed to carry their liquor across state lines. Let’s have a look at eight of the strangest laws … Read More

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