The 8 Best Online Legal Services – Reviewed and Ranked

The world of online legal services is as varied and confusing as the law itself.

There are dozens of providers all claiming to offer the widest range of services at the best prices with the most legally-sound support in the market, making the choice of online legal service incredibly difficult.

To make sure you get the best online legal services to support yourself as an individual or your business, I have investigated, reviewed, and ranked the top providers on the market. Here are the results of my investigation into the best online legal services.

#1 Rocket Lawyer – 9.1/10 (Best Online Legal Service)

Rocket Lawyer is my top choice for the best, online legal service because they provide a comprehensive suite of products and services covering almost every legal challenge at a similar price to their competitors that provide just a fraction of the range of services. 

Price – 9.5/10

Rocket Lawyer is the best value legal service provider on the market. 

While their monthly membership price of $39.99 is competitive within the industry, the range of services they offer at this price leads the market by a long shot. In fact, to match this level of value with another company, you would need to sign up with three companies that all charge between $30-$40 per month.

Their attorney services are well priced within the market and if you subscribe to their monthly service, both their LLC formation service and their registered agent service become very competitively priced.

Products – 9.0/10

Rocket Lawyer offer an almost comically large range of legal forms and documents that you can personalize within their system, save online, and even get signed online. 

They’ve broken the documents into three legal topics (business-related, real estate, and family and personal documents) with each category containing multiple sub-categories (like estate planning, intellectual property, and home ownership) as well as multiple sub-sub-categories.

If you run into any issues with the enforcement of a legal document created through Rocket Lawyer, they will review the document and provide assistance in enforcing that document through their Document Defense service.

Their attorney services include an industry-standard, 30-minute consultation with a lawyer as well as a review of up to 10 pages of legal documents with every new legal matter. 

If you require additional consultations on an existing matter, you can purchase consultations with your lawyer at a 40% discount off their standard consulting fees. 

Processes – 9.5/10

The Rocket Lawyer signup process is simple to navigate and their online system is easy to use. There are no confusing logical leaps necessary to move through the signup system and the interface is intuitive and straightforward.

People – 8.5/10

The team at Rocket Lawyer is helpful, competent, and most importantly in a legal service, legally qualified. Their support team isn’t a call-center operator in a foreign country with no knowledge of or experience with US law. They’re all lawyers able to help with your challenges and issues and capable of answering your questions.

Overall – 9.1/10

Rocket Lawyer has taken the number 1 spot on my list of the best online legal services because they provide the widest range of products and services at the same price that most companies only provide half the range.

They have a simple-to-use online interface and back it all up with a helpful and patient support team comprised of US-based lawyers. 

If you want the best range of online legal services and the best price with US-based support from US-trained lawyers, signup with Rocket Lawyer now.

#2 LegalNature – 7.5/10 (Best For Only Legal Documents)

If you only need legal forms and documents, LegalNature is the best option available because while they only provide legal forms and documents, they have a great customization system and they’re significantly cheaper than the competition.

Products – 6.0/10

Unlike Rocket Lawyer, LegalNature does not offer a full range of legal services. They specialize in online legal documents and do not offer attorney services or assistance with the enforcement of any of your contracts. 

They do offer business formation and maintenance services, but as they are not the focus of this review, I won’t cover them here. 

Even though they only provide legal documents, their catalog is impressively large and their online customization system means that all you need to do to edit the document is answer a series of questions and LegalNature will insert your details into the document for you.

This in-house, customisation system significantly reduces the chances of any errors in your legal documents and the chance of any negative repercussions from issues arising from incorrect information.

Price – 9.0/10

LegalNature is the best value legal document company. Although they charge roughly the same as the other legal document companies further down this list ($38.95 per month), the value is really in their yearly membership. 

For $84 for the entire year, you get access to their entire catalog of documents, their online customisation system, and their online signing and storage system. At $7 per month, you can’t beat that value.

Processes – 8.0/10

LegalNature’s online customisation system is a simple and intuitive system for document customisation. You don’t need to scan the fine print looking for every instance where you need to insert your particular details and you don’t need to stress about missing one of the more obscure positions. 

All you need to do is work through the custom-designed questionnaire for each document and add the requested details. Once you’re done, you’re left with a fully-customised document saved to their online system that you can retrieve at any time. 

People – 7.0/10

The support team behind LegalNature is solid. They’ll respond to your messages with polite and efficient responses that address everything you need. 

They don’t go above and beyond and they do not have the legal qualifications of the team at Rocket Lawyer, but they get the job done. 

Overall – 7.5/10

If your budget is your primary concern and you don’t anticipate needing attorney services any time in the next 12 months, LegalNature is a great option. They have a huge range of legal documents you can customize within their online system for only $7 per month (when paid over a year).

Learn more about LegalNature’s legal document service here.

#3 Harbor Compliance 6.9/10 (Best For Legal Compliance)

Harbor Compliance is my recommendation if you just require assistance managing your state legal compliance requirements.

Products – 5.0/10

Harbor Compliance is not a full-service, online legal service agency. They have their lane — online legal compliance — and they stick to it. As such, they do not offer legal documents or attorney services as part of a monthly subscription. They only provide assistance managing and meeting your compliance requirements.

Price – 6.0/10

Harbor Compliance obscures their prices behind a claim of ‘personalized services require personalized pricing’ which makes this section difficult to complete. 

The small insights into their pricing I’ve been able to gain through reading reviews and conversations with their sales team indicate that while their compliance service is reliable, robust, and comprehensive, it’s seems to be priced for large enterprises, rather than for small startups and small businesses. 

This means that if cost is a significant or even meaningful factor you need to consider, they’re probably not the best option.

Processes – 8.0/10

One of the advantages of a system that costs a lot is that they spare no expense on the functionality. Their signup and online monitoring systems are simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate while providing easy access to all the information you need.

People – 8.5/10

The other advantage of an expensive system is that they have the money to afford to hire a great support team. When you sign up with Harbor Compliance, you don’t just get a generic support phone number or email address and have to explain your situation to a different person every time you get on a call. 

With Harbor Compliance, you get a dedicated project manager who knows who you are, what you’re doing, and what you need to support your growing company. 

This level of personalized attention saves not only precious time, but also allows your manager to provide personalized recommendations that help grow your company as fast as possible.

Overall – 6.9/10

Harbor Compliance is my pick for the best company for legal compliance as this is their sole and dedicated speciality. Their dedicated project managers can ensure you meet all your state and federal compliance requirements, keeping your company in good standing and allowing you to focus on what you need to achieve your business goals. 

If you want to know more about their compliance solutions, you can read more on their website here.

#4 LegalShield

LegalShield is strictly an attorney services company that provides consultations with small business lawyers on specific legal matters. While Rocket Lawyer restricts your included calls to one consultation per legal issue, LegalShield allows you to ask about any legal issue you face, but limits the number of times you can call your provider law firm in a given period. 

Their legal essentials package allows for 10 calls per year (with no more than 3 per month) and is $49 per month. Their $99 per month Legal Plus package allows 20 calls per year (with no more than 5 per month) and their $169 per month Legal Pro package allows for 40 calls per year with no more than 10 per month.

They also offer additional services like non-business-related legal advice, legal forms and document reviews, and collections letters. 

While they offer a reasonable service, they’re #4 on my list because if you average out the cost over a year, you’re paying $58.80 per call, which is what Rocket Lawyer charges for non-members per lawyer consultation, and you’re locked into a payment schedule with restricted access. 

For this price, you’re better off just using Rocket Lawyer’s services to cover your initial call and assessment and then paying for additional consultations as required.

But, if you still want to know more about LegalShield, you can read more about their services on their website.

#5 Law Depot

Law Depot is #5 on my list because they’re almost exactly the same as LegalNature but without the yearly price discount.  

This means you can pay $40 per month to use Law Depot’s collection of online documents and their admittedly excellent customization and storage service, or you can pay $7 per month with LegalNature

#6 LegalZoom

LegalZoom is the grand old lady of the online legal services world and as the established leader, relies on their reputation to attract customers rather than using superior product offerings.

This was initially evident on their website. 

It was almost impossible to find the details about what is and is not included in their subscription plans. The only way to find them is to click on the ‘select your plan’ button and then find the ‘Legal plan contract’ hidden in small print under the price. 

Once you discover this contract, you then need to decipher the legalese to work out what is and is not included in their plan.

The second piece of evidence that they’re not working hard for your business is their product offerings.

Their subscription plan offering is essentially just legal consultations with an external law firm. You get one half-hour phone consultation per legal matter and then a review of up to 10 pages of legal forms or documents, with recommendations.

There are no apparent limits to the number of legal issues on which they will consult, but it is strictly limited to one consultation per legal matter. If you require further consultation, you can purchase legal services from the consulting lawyer or law firm at a 25% discount on their standard rates. 

LegalZoom also offers a number of other legal and business documents services for which you will pay far more than they cost at Rocket Lawyer.

#7 Nolo

The best way to think about Nolo is as less of an online legal services company and more of an online legal bookshop.

They offer a huge variety of legal advice books and customizable legal documents at a range of prices. 

The reason they’re towards the bottom of this list is that, unlike LegalNature and Law Depot, these documents aren’t customizable within their online system. You need to download them and edit them yourself. 

This means that you also cannot save your edited legal documents in their online system and they don’t offer an online signing system either. 

The ease with which you can make a mistake by editing legal documents yourself and the potentially serious impacts of making a mistake is the reason I do not recommend you use them. 

#8 Blumberg Excelsior

To be honest I don’t really know what Blumberg Excelsior offers. Their website is a confusing and jumbled mess that looks like it was designed in the mid-90s by an office intern and hasn’t been updated since. 

They appear to offer some services related to starting a business, general counsel, and compliance packages as well as some legal document service, but I’m unsure of this last one because clicking the link to the document service takes you to a separate website! 

If you can identify a cohesive mission statement or singular objective within this catastrophe of a website, let me know and I’ll email you some cute cat photos.

Best Online Legal Services Review Summary

The online legal services world is a confusing and jumbled mess of offerings.

After reviewing the leading players in the field, I can conclusively say that the best online legal service is Rocket Lawyer because at $39.99 per month, there is no better value on the market.

They have an impressively large array of legal documents that cover just about every and any situation you could ever find yourself in and will customize those documents to match your needs.

Their attorney services will also provide legal advice on any and every legal mess in which you find yourself buried and their customer support team is comprised of US-trained and based lawyers. 

If you want a legal service that provides legally-sound documents and advice and is backed up by a support team of US-trained lawyers, then sign up with Rocket Lawyer today.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.