The 8 Weirdest, Strangest, and Stupidest Laws in Georgia

The’ Empire State’ of the South has some pretty quirky and weird statutes in its law books. For instance, it is illegal for barber shops to open on Sundays in the city of Columbus. 

Some of these laws are outdated and nobody really bothers to repeal them. There are also new laws that are specific to certain municipalities in the state that wouldn’t sit well with an outsider.

Below is a collection of eight strange laws from the state of Georgia.

1. Don’t wear a hood in public

In the city of Dublin GA, it is illegal to appear in the street wearing a mask, hood or any other apparel or regalia in such a manner that it conceals your identity. However, this law doesn’t apply to children under 16 years who are out celebrating Halloween on October 31.

2. Erotic dancing is illegal on Sundays

This one hails from Roswell GA. The municipal authority prohibits erotic dance establishments from working on Sundays. The stipulated working hours are 7 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 5 p.m. until 12 midnight.

3. It’s illegal to bury a person under a sidewalk in a cemetery

The city of Columbus prohibits people from burying a corpse in any of the streets, lanes, nor walkways in any city cemetery unless you file an internment request with the municipal authority.

4. It’s illegal to say “Oh Boy!” in Jonesboro

As funny as it sounds, this old law has a sad backstory to it. After the South was decimated after the civil war, a lot of freed slaves relocated to Jonesboro GA to work for a living. Due to the dire economic situation at the time, they ended up working for scraps as horse cleaners for the wealthy town folk. 

These frail men, some of whom hadn’t eaten in days, would fight over who got to clean the horses and as a result many were killed. The city of Jonesboro passed a law saying that these wealthy people could no longer come to town and call for these former slaves. The term they used to call them was … you guessed it, “Oh Boy!”.

5. It is illegal for 2 beers to be sold for the price of 1

Licensed bar owners in Columbus are advised by the city authority not to serve multiple drinks for a single price or hold an all-you-can-drink for a set price during a set time. Selling liquor after 9 p.m. at “Happy Hour” or a price lower than the normal retail cost and holding events such as ‘Ladies’ Nights’ and ‘Men’s Nights’ is also banned. Perhaps these guides on how to start an LLC in Georgia and how to find a great registered agent in Georgia can help you avoid any legal issues when opening or closing a business in the state.

6. Don’t make disturbing noises in a fair

In the city of Athens, it is illegal for any person to create any disturbance at any public meeting or any place of amusement by talking loudly, using indecent or profane language, or any disturbing sound or action.

7. Drinking in a bus is illegal

It’s illegal for any person to use alcoholic beverages on any public transport vehicle used by any public transportation system operated by Athens-Clarke County.

8. You must eat chicken with your hands

This ordinance hails from the poultry capital of the world, Gainesville GA. What started out as a joke on a Radio DJ ended up as a statute in the city’s law books.


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