The 8 Weirdest, Strangest, and Stupidest Laws in Hawaii

The ‘Islands of Aloha’ are truly the paradise of the Pacific. The lush greenery, white sandy beaches, rich native culture and all-round great weather have attracted a lot of visitors from diverse nationalities making the island state a cultural melting pot.

Hawaii’s law books contain ordinances that are specific to the island state. Some of these laws may sound normal to a native but completely weird to a foreigner. Here is a list of the strangest laws in the ‘808 State’.

1. Billboards are banned

If there is one thing all Hawaiians agree on, it’s that billboards are unsightly and serve as a distraction from the splendor that is the island’s natural beauty. Therefore the state’s lawmakers agreed unanimously to ban all outdoor billboards to appease the masses.

2. Don’t annoy the birds

It is illegal for any person to disturb or annoy any type of bird within the island’s parks and reservations.

3. Don’t put coins in your ears

Early in the 20th century when Hawaii was part of the US, an order was issued to destroy the local currency. The island natives came up with an ingenious way of hiding coins…in their ears. The state government, however, put out a law to curtail this habit.

4. Riding in the backseat of a car without a seatbelt is illegal

But if all the seats in the vehicle are occupied, you can ride in the bed of a truck with no safety equipment.

5. Bars must serve one drink at a time

The state authority had placed an edict on bars to serve only one alcoholic drink at a time to customers. This was in an effort to combat alcoholism. However, in 2014, the law was repealed when the lawmakers realized people could down shots quickly just to get the next one. 

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6. No more than 15 pets 

There is a statewide edict that prohibits the islanders from owning more than 15 pets of any kind.

7. Buildings must not be taller than the palm trees

If you intend to construct a building in the vicinity of a palm tree/s, you should be aware that the law prohibits your structure to be taller than the palm tree. The average palm tree is between 10 to 15 meters tall, in case you were curious.

8. Don’t turn on the hazard lights

It is illegal for any vehicle while driving on the roads to have its hazard lights on. If your vehicle develops a malfunction, just drive off the road as fast as you can as turning on the hazards will get you into legal trouble.


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