The 8 Weirdest, Strangest, and Stupidest Laws in Kansas

Kansas has a set of truly wacky laws in its Constitution, for instance, it’s illegal to strike a vending machine that stole your money and everyone with a yard in their property must keep it fully weeded.

Below is a collection of eight weird laws from the State of Kansas.

1. Whistling in the streets at night is prohibited

It is illegal to yell, shout, whistle, hoot or sing on public streets in the city of Topeka particularly between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. as it is deemed as a disturbance of peace or repose of persons in offices, dwellings, hotels or other types of residences.

2. Don’t picket at a funeral

The city of Overland Park has a law that says “…is unlawful for any person to engage in picketing during the period from 60 minutes before to 60 minutes after any funeral at any cemetery, mortuary, church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or other places for religious observances, or other places for funeral services.”

3. It is illegal to ride an animal on the road

In Derby, the law does not allow anyone to ride a horse or operate an animal-drawn cart on any public road or street within the city limits. Anyone found violating this rule will be fined not more than $100.

4. Don’t screech your tires

Still in the city of Derby, screeching your tires on the road could land you in prison for a month or pay a fine of $500 or both.

5. Honking at horses is crucial

The city of Lawrence has proclaimed that all cars entering the city limits must honk their horns to warn horses of their arrival. This is actually quite important as wild mustangs usually roam around the highways and tend to disrupt the traffic.

6. No cherry pie á la mode on Sundays

Restaurants in Topeka are not allowed to serve cherry pies with vanilla ice cream as a topping.  

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7. Don’t shoot rabbits from motorboats

There is a Kansas statute that prohibits people from hunting any game or fur-bearing animal from a motorboat, airplane, or motor vehicle. However, if you happen to be handicapped, you can get a special license that allows you to hunt from a boat.

8. Don’t fish with your hands

Catching a fish with your bare hands could result in fines and penalties if you are apprehended by an officer from the Department of Conservation.


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