The 8 Weirdest, Strangest, and Stupidest Laws in Wisconsin

The Constitution of the ‘Badger State’ was written at a constitutional convention held in Madison in December 1847 and approved by the citizens of Wisconsin Territory in a referendum held in March 1848. 

Over the past 173 years of the document’s existence, a lot of very important statutes have been added, amended, or revised, including some born from peculiar situations like when a legislator recently introduced a bill making it illegal to tattoo someone under the age of 18. He was quoted as saying, “I’m going to save the buttocks of a few juveniles.”

Below is a collection of eight strange laws from the state that rightly calls itself ‘America’s Dairyland’.

1. No nukes in Sun Prairie 

According to the city of Sun Prairie municipal code Sec.8.40.010, “No nuclear weapons, delivery systems for such weapons, or components expressly intended to contribute to the operation, guidance, or delivery of a nuclear weapon shall be produced within the city.”

This law also bans the storage of waste from the production of nuclear weapons, their components, or commercial nuclear power within the city limits.

2. Don’t throw snowballs in Wausau

Not just snowballs, in fact, no person is allowed to throw or shoot any object, including without limitation, any arrow, stone, other missile, or projectile, by hand or by any other means, at any other person or at, in or into any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway, park, playground, or other public place within the City.

3. No cats and dogs in the cemetery 

Still in the city of Sun Prairie, dogs and cats are prohibited from entry into all cemeteries in the city. There is, however, an exemption made for special service animals such as guide dogs.

4. All dwellings should be fitted with screen doors from May 1 to October 1

According to the city of Hudson housing law Sec. 140-8, “From May 1 to October 1, in every dwelling unit, for protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects, every door opening directly from a dwelling unit to outdoor space shall have supplied and installed screens and a self-closing device, and every window or other device with openings to outdoor space used or intended to be used for ventilation shall likewise be supplied with screens.”

5. Don’t use someone else’s phone to make a prank call

Back to Brookefield, city law states that “No person shall knowingly permit any telephone under his control to be used to make or cause the telephone of another repeatedly or continuously to ring with intent to harass any person at the called number or numbers.”

6. State law had made it illegal for public restaurants to serve apple pie without cheese

In 1935, the state authority enacted a law that forced restaurants to serve apple pie with cheese. This law was later repealed in 1937. 

7. Serving colored oleomargarine or margarine at a public eatery is illegal

According to State Law Sec. 97.18(4), “The serving of colored oleomargarine or margarine at a public eating place as a substitute for table butter is prohibited unless it is ordered by the customer.”

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8. It is prohibited to water your lawn in such a way as to annoy your neighbors

The city of Sheboygan’s municipal code states that “No persons shall, with purpose or intent, sprinkle their property in any manner to the distress or annoyance of others.”


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