The 10 Best Florida Online Divorce Services in 2023

Getting a divorce often sets off a flurry of emotions that can spiral out of control when the process of dissolving your marriage becomes drawn out and expensive.

To speed up your Florida divorce and marriage dissolution processes while making sure to keep things within budget, I’ve evaluated the top 10 online companies for getting a divorce in Florida without visiting a law firm.

Some of the factors I considered while coming up with this guide include financial cost, service types, package features, and most importantly, speed – to help you get going quickly.

The following are the best companies providing over-the-internet Florida divorce services:

My Top Pick: 3 Step Divorce – 9.45/10 (Best Florida Online Divorce Service)

3 Step Divorce ranks first on this list due to the speed, simplicity, court approval guarantee, and encompassing nature of their Florida divorce service.


3 Step Divorce offers a fast and easy-to-use online divorce service. 

They have a simple question-and-answer format that allows you to customize your divorce documents in less than an hour without a lawyer and their state-specific filing guidelines ensure that submitting your divorce papers to the Florida Family Law Court is simple and easy. 

They provide a free negotiation tool for when spouses are unable to reach a consensus on the essential points of the marital dissolution (like property, child support, and parenting plan) and their customer support team is available to answer your questions in real time.

Once you’re done, you can either download and print your forms or have them posted to you at no extra cost.

But, the best feature of 3 Step Divorce is that they guarantee that your forms will be accepted by the court, meaning that you can be sure that this is the only time you’ll need to go through this process. 

Their subscription fee is a one-time payment of $299, payable in as little as $84 monthly installments. Plus, signing up and filling your forms on the same day gets you a $50 refund on the package fees.


While 3 Step Divorce has their perks, there are some drawbacks  to their operations.

Their website is far from modern and could be greatly improved. Though it does not affect their service delivery, 3 Step Design’s website deserves a renovation.

Also, their divorce packages are limited compared with other divorce services as they have only one package option. Though this singular package is quite encompassing, relevant features like serving your spouse the documents or filing the forms at the State of Florida Court are absent. 


3 Step Divorce tops my list of recommendations thanks to their speed, usability, affordability, and the relevance of their tailored forms.

Though the website is not the best out there and their package options nonexistent, both factors do little to impact the quality of their assistance in filing for divorce in Florida. 

Additionally, 3 Step Divorce allows an unlimited review of your forms, assures you of legal compliance and court acceptance, thereby reducing the emotional and physical stress of the divorce process.

If you’re looking for a simplified dissolution of marriage with reduced court hearing appearances, contact 3 Step Divorce for an efficient and stress-free divorce without an attorney in the state of Florida.

Runner Up: It’s Over Easy – 7.85/10 (Expensive, but comprehensive)

Thanks to their numerous product options, It’s Over Easy places second on my list, though their divorce packages are expensive. 


The agency is led by an experienced celebrity-divorce handler Laura Wassler and more than gets the job done. It’s Over Easy offers you two divorce package options –  – the Basic Package and the Premium package. 

The Basic Package costs $750 and includes electronic filling and download of filled forms, and delivery of the divorce papers to your soon-to-be ex. The Premium Package gives It’s Over Easy full control over the process as all aspects of the divorce process, such as serving your spouse the Florida divorce papers, filing the court paperwork, child custody negotiations, and other dicey areas of your divorce are handled by a personal case manager.


It’s Over Easy’s fees aren’t friendly on your pockets, perhaps what you get for choosing an attorney skilled in celebrity divorce cases to help you file for divorce.

At $750, the Basic Package should offer more perks than the same package at 3 Step Divorce than just serving your spouse the divorce paperwork by email. Also, the mouthwatering benefits of the Premium Package are priced at $2,500 making it unnecessarily expensive to file for divorce in Florida.


Though their fees are costly and more than twice what 3 Step Divorce charges, It’s Over Easy provides essential features missing from the former.

The Premium Package is ideal for parties looking for a stress-free uncontested divorce, as long as you can afford it.

For more information about It’s Over Easy’s divorce product offerings and to check if you qualify for an uncontested Florida divorce, visit their website here.

#3: Rocket Lawyer – 7.3/10 (Best Budget Option)

This company provides legal advice on the internet and has some great features but also comes with downsides that you can’t ignore.


Rocket Lawyer’s Florida legal assistance and advice are provided by trained professionals and go beyond the dissolution of marriage and divorce petitions alone.

Rocket Lawyer’s fees are affordable, combining digital divorce assistance with professional consultations across any legal area in the state of Florida for $39 monthly.

Rocket Lawyer is a great option to consider for your Florida divorce given the cost, expertise, and experience (they provide legal opinions from trained professionals).


Some blessings are also curses (just King Midas would show). While their dissolution of marriage package features a consultation with an attorney, the company is at its core a general legal practice and doesn’t specialize in Florida family law.

Their divorce forms and consultations are often not enough to achieve a hassle-free divorce in Florida, as both parties may still have to deliberate on the terms surrounding the dissolution of marriage. In addition, Rocket Lawyer divorce paperwork is not custom-made nor guaranteed to be accepted by courts in the state of Florida.

$39 monthly does seem like a bargain, but if you’re paying for further assistance to file for the divorce and spending more time on it than necessary, my guess is you would want it over as fast and as easily as possible.


Rocket Lawyer has a complex approach to Florida divorce cases. Speaking to an attorney at an affordable rate is an excellent perk, but you get no court approval guarantee on their online forms unlike those offered by 3 Step Divorce.

Using Rocket Lawyer means you should gear up for some research work and possibly uncomfortable talks with your spouses during the divorce process should the court reject your documents.

3 Step Divorce remains your best bet if you’re looking for a quick dissolution of the marriage that allows you, without the services of a lawyer, to move on quickly from the pains of the divorce.

#4: Divorce Writer 

Making the top 10, internet-based, uncontested divorce companies list means you’re at least doing most things correctly, but there’s always one drawback that makes the difference between first and fourth place.

Divorce Writer has all the essential features necessary to make filing for divorce over the internet worthwhile, including letting you review your divorce forms for as long as two years. They also have a lowest-price guarantee that refunds the extra fees if you find a cheaper, uncontested divorce provider on the internet.

Did I hear you say “Yay”? Well, there’s a downside to Divorce Writer, and thats poor customer support. Unlike other divorce providers, the Divorce Writer customer support is only available via email, and their website has no live chat facility nor call-back features to make the process of filing the petition and forms easier.

The fee and answer review features are great but do little to ease the email wait times nor the pain of engaging in a long, drawn-out interaction with the person you’re trying to get away from. Divorce Writer’s separation tools also lack a negotiation feature for spouses to reach a final agreement on child custody, property, and other family-related issues.

Divorce Writer offers cost-effective Florida divorce assistance but lacks the often necessary customer support for filing for divorce without an attorney, which leaves you better off with 3 Step Divorce.

#5: LegalZoom

LegalZoom is another virtual legal service firm assisting with filing for divorce online in the state of Florida.

Their website displays all the basic requirements of an online Florida divorce provider including responsive customer support. However, LegalZoom offers something different by guaranteeing that your completed divorce forms will be reviewed by an attorney to ensure court approval.

This package comes at $499 and takes about 48 hours from submission, during which time you will be unable to edit your answer and divorce documents. While it may seem worthwhile, the fee and wait times are unnecessary and there is no help regarding the support and custody of the children, property sharing agreement or filing the documents.

Compared with the 3 Step Divorce package, which offers a similar court approval guarantee in real time and at $299, there’s no reason to wait for 48 hours before LegalZoom files your forms at the court.

#6: One Stop Divorce

In sixth place is One Stop Divorce with an affordable and easy-to-use website but has some really weird package options.

In addition to providing the regular online filing and downloads of the divorce paperwork, One Stop Divorce also provides filing tips to help with the divorce process. At $299, they offer great value for money and handle the stressful aspects of your uncontested divorce (like child custody, parenting plans, and property sharing agreements) so you don’t have to visit an attorney.

However, what is confusing is why they chose to limit the number of times you can review your forms and divorce documents. Interestingly, One Stop Divorce also charges $19 monthly for storing the filed petition forms, beginning 30 days after you create your account.

For a one-stop service, I find these two features contrary to excellent customer relations, which is why I’ve put them in sixth place.

And, now, the rest…

The whole point of creating this list is to separate the best online divorce providers from the not-so-good ones. 

While the top six on the list feature several providers with slight variations in their online divorce products and prices, the final four feel like a rowdy market where just about anything goes.

In the latter this group, less attention is paid to meeting the marital and dissolution agreement needs of their customers despite their many fancy words. Using these marital separation providers leaves the bulk of the process to the parents, from child support advice to signing, filling in and filing documents at the court.

In my years of researching companies offering online divorces in Florida, these companies come first on the pathway to a frustrating customer experience.

I understand my criticisms may seem harsh, but I’d love to hear your thoughts after reading about these Florida couple-separation companies.

#7: Complete Case

On the surface, Complete Case seems like the best thing to hit Florida since smartphones with their package features and pricing. However, their similarity to 3 Step Divorce doesn’t go beyond that. 

The website design and content give a feeling of comfort, yet the gulf between effective over-the-internet divorce providers and Complete Case is wide.

On the one hand, their website isn’t accessible via the Safari browser, meaning you have to install a different browser to check them out. As if blocking out the second biggest browser in the world wasn’t enough stress already, you can’t download completed divorce forms and agreements between the parties. 

Instead, the company mails the completed papers to you, meaning you cannot sign or file the form until it is delivered to the desired physical address. Also, forms completed on the website are final and cannot be edited, a harsh feature that requires you to restart the process should you decide to change your answers.

The customer support system is less effective than their competitors, but I had an ‘okay’ experience. Several users have also left reviews about the company online, all pointing to a negative experience. Though online reviews are sometimes false, scoring an average of 3.9/5 doesn’t spell out the best online divorce experience.

Here’s one review that seems to sum up most of the negative reviews about Complete Case.

There is no point paying Complete Case $300 for a divorce in Florida when spouses can’t even edit or print out the divorce documents independently when their marriage is irretrievably broken.


If Complete Case was a nosedive, then is another name for ‘sinking without trace’. 

As one of the most affordable virtual dissolution of marriage providers, it’s noteworthy that you get real value for your money. Yes, provided that what you are looking for doesn’t include updated paperwork for a divorce in Florida.

For a service that borders on legality, the court documents available on are shocking, to say the least, as they are no longer valid. Imagine going away with affordable, marriage dissolution paperwork only to get the documents slammed back in your face as the Judge wonders what time machine you stepped off.

Not the best court hearing experience when trying to leave your spouse, trust me.


Yes, there’s a number nine. For some reason, there is an online marital dissolution company that does far worse than providing you with outdated documents and paperwork.

Brief research on shows 34% of their users giving them a 1% rating. That implies that one in every three spouses regrets using the website when filing a petition for dissolution of marriage in Florida. Essential separation concerns like property rights, child custody agreements, and document filing processes are absent.

Though they provide help with getting Florida divorce papers online, I am quite confused about why their users leave with regret.

For your mental health and a smooth dissolution of marriage in Florida, avoid this company like the plague.

#10: GetDivorcePapers

Yet again, there is a company performing worse than the previous two. 

The last two companies did really badly, one offering outdated paperwork and the other failing to meet their customer’s needs. However, that must have felt like child’s play to the founders of GetDivorcePapers.

Not only does GetDivorcePapers have really bad online reviews, but the majority of users rate their service 1.0/5. A staggering 64% of their customers consider the GetDivorcePapers service a waste of time and a click away from the stress (perhaps much worse than the spouse you’re trying to get away from). 

If anything, their continued existence is remarkable and confusing even to the most experienced business analysts worldwide. The company does a poor job at helping you get a divorce without a lawyer, lacking even the most basic features of an online divorce process such as filing or court approval guarantee.

The hidden charges and poor customer support make this company a thorn in your side, as you’re better off creating your own form and separation agreement than paying them for this dicey service provide.

The Bottom Line

I’ve gone through the pains of reviewing and comparing the top ten internet-based divorce service providers in Florida and I consider 3 Step Divorce the best option.

Their website is user-friendly and helps you to finalize your divorce forms in under an hour. They also have an efficient negotiation tool that allows you to reach agreements with your spouse without physical interaction.

One essential feature of 3 Step Divorce is their 100% guarantee that the courts will accept your documents at the first time of asking, making sure you only have to do this once. Plus, you can sign and review the form online before printing to prevent any mistakes in the final copy.

While their website could look better, their state-specific guidelines, flexible payment structure, and unlimited reviews of your online answers reduce the pressure and stress on you.

If you’ve chosen and are ready to walk life’s next phase, then 3 Step Divorce is your way forward.


Picking the top ten companies that make getting a divorce in Florida simpler was a  seven-step process, which I will share below.

1. Generating A List Of Online Divorce Services

My first step was to check what online marital separation firms existed and where. I culled this list by conducting a Google search for online divorces in Florida and noting the firms that came up.

My initial list had 14 companies, but I excluded some because their business operations were limited to a few states.

2. Reading User Reviews

An essential part of determining the success and usability of these online companies came from the users themselves. I researched several online separation providers for news and customer feedback, ranging from as few as 1-star ratings to many 5-star ratings.

Reviews often contain customers’ emotions and, as we saw above, also help educate other individuals seeking divorce about the pros and cons of each firm.

3. Product Analysis

After separating the trustworthy providers from the pretenders, I turned to analyzing the applicability of their products to getting a divorce in Florida. Questions on legality, affordability, effectiveness, negotiation tools, acceptance guarantee, and several others were key in this stage.

Other factors I considered include:

  • Provision of child support guidelines
  • Package usability and whether it simplifies the separation process
  • Marital settlement agreement
  • Property sharing agreement
  • Petition for dissolution
  • Relevance of the paperwork and provision to sign forms online
  • Court approval guarantee and expertise in Florida family law.

The answer to these questions helped me sift through the companies that were in it for the money, those with a great service package, and others you should stay away from.

4. Interviews With Real Customers

The next step was reaching out to people who had actually used these companies to seek a divorce in Florida. As you probably are, I was shocked to discover that the online reviews were minimal compared to how the customers felt.

For many of the 1-star ratings out there, it was because they couldn’t vote for no stars and not some reputation attack by other companies providing online divorces in Florida.

5: Interviews with Online Divorce Services

To tell a balanced story, I reached out to the sales teams of the companies providing online assistance with uncontested divorces in Florida on this list armed with questions about their packages and customer reviews. 

During this stage, some companies leveraged the feedback to improve their product offerings, while others blamed the reviews on user confusion rather than admit their own errors and miscommunication.

The first set of companies obviously cared about providing effective and dramaless marital separation, a culture that kept them out of the bottom four. For the companies who chose to blame spouses and customers, it wasn’t so hard to tell them apart.

6: Test Drives

There’s no complete or honest review if you haven’t tried the product yourself. 

After speaking to service providers and customers, I decided to use their uncontested divorce products to see for myself.

I did this by sending a petition for dissolution from my wife, whom I love very much, to these providers to gauge how efficient and usable their systems are.

Entering personal details like our names, address, and assets on several online providers was challenging but worthwhile as I was able to verify the claims and reviews posted online.

7: Ratings

Steps 1 to 6 were essential in building a block of comparison tables for each of these providers. The final step was to give fair ratings on the benefits or otherwise of using these uncontested divorce firms by putting them up against each other in a spreadsheet format. Each provider’s score reflected how well they performed in comparison with their competitors.

Best Florida Online Divorce Review Summary

Putting together a list of the best-uncontested divorce services in Florida online took me several days of pretending to want a marriage dissolution with my spouse.

Of the 14 I initially found, I narrowed my research to 10 and am here with a complete analysis of three. After concluding my research and investigations, I am convinced and can boldly say that 3 Step Divorce offers the best online divorce in Florida by a far mile.

Their software puts your needs first and guides you through the process of filing your divorce papers in whatever state you live. In addition to this, they also provide the following:

  • Online negotiation tool to settle any disputes that arise out of the divorce
  • Unlimited reviews of your divorce papers
  • Live-chat and real-time customer support response  
  • Instructions on how to fill the forms and postal delivery to your home
  • Instant printing and download of your completed forms 

Most importantly, 3 Step Divorce offers an assurance that the courts will accept your uncontested divorce forms.

If you are looking to call it quits with your spouse in Florida without a lawyer, engage 3 Step Divorce to help engineer a fresh start.

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