The 10 Best Texas Providers for Online Divorce in 2023

The pain of traditional divorce is a very real, heavy, and upsetting emotional upheaval. 

To finalize your divorce from your spouse in the most peaceful way possible, I’ve reviewed 10 online providers of a Texas divorce. 

Read on to learn more about how these companies help (and don’t help) you with your divorce process, and ultimately how you can get an uncontested divorce in Texas without a lawyer.

My Top Pick: 3 Step Divorce – 9.45/10 (Best Texas Online Divorce Service)


3 Step Divorce promises your divorce forms will be approved by the court.

Their system makes it simple to file for divorce in Texas. In less time than it takes you to watch Finding Nemo, you can answer their customizable divorce forms and complete your divorce papers. 

Using your account, you can come back to your divorce documents at any time. You can log in and out as many times as you need. Like owning your own home, you’ve got your own keys and can come and go as you please. 

One of their many features is an online negotiation tool that helps you come to an agreement with your spouse about sticky issues like child support and child custody. 

You’ll find that their documents are customized to Texas’s state requirements. They have simple, step-by-step instructions on how to fill out your divorce documents, and customer service representatives available if you have any questions. 

You won’t incur any hidden fees, but you will have a plethora of online resources for self help and even help with specialized divorce like military divorces.

3 Step Divorce also offers flexible payment options, including a one-time fee of $299, or you can pay installments of $84/month. Additionally, if you file and complete your forms in one day, they offer a $50 refund. 

By far the most impressive offering of 3 Step Divorce is that they guarantee the court will approve your divorce documents. This is a one-stop shop; in other words, you won’t have to look anywhere else to file for divorce in Texas. You will get an uncontested divorce with 3 Step Divorce. Unlike a perfect mechanic who doesn’t overcharge, it actually exists. 

3 Step Divorce also offers flexible payment options, including a one-time fee of $299 or you can pay in installments of $84/month. They keep getting better with the option to file and complete your forms in one day for a $50 refund. 


You receive effective service from 3 Step Divorce, but in exchange you’ll have to deal with two less-than-desirable drawbacks. 

First, their website is ugly. It looks like Jeff Goldblum in the 1986 sci-fi horror film The Fly after he’s morphed into a decrepit creature from what looks like the depths of hell. 

Second, other online divorce companies offer a larger variety of features. For a price, they will take what 3 Step Divorce does a step further. Other Texas companies will serve your spouse with the divorce forms and file for divorce for you. 


3 Step Divorce is your best bet for an uncontested divorce in Texas because for under $300 they guarantee you will successfully divorce.

It’s true they don’t offer as much as some other companies and their website looks like IT on a bad day. But choose 3 Step Divorce because compared with all the other providers they give you value, and the hideous website won’t impact your ability to use their system. 

Did you read they were the only service to guarantee a divorce? It’s almost as if they want you to succeed. 

Moving on is hard, but you know it’s the right thing to do. If you’re ready to move forward in your life without the hassle of a complicated divorce, use 3 Step Divorce now

Runner Up: It’s Over Easy – 7.85/10 (Expensive for an Online Divorce in Texas, but Comprehensive)

It’s Over Easy offers comprehensive services, but the catch is you’ll have to cough up the dough for them. 


The company was founded by a celebrity divorce specialist, Laura Wasser who takes care of the well-to-do.

They’ve got two packages and it’s their premium one that differs from other online divorce packages. The basic package is nothing to sneeze at; it’s the usual filling out of divorce forms and sending them to your spouse via email. 

The premium package is a whole new beast. You’ll be able to sit back and relax while your assigned case manager does pretty much everything for you. They will provide extra help to file your forms and even serve them to your spouse. It doesn’t stop there. It’s Over Easy lives up to their name because they’ll file with the court on your behalf, create a parenting plan just for you, negotiate child that usually contentious support terms, calculate the spousal support numbers, and allow you to sign your forms electronically. 


It’s Over Easy is expensive. Their premium package will set you back a pretty penny, many more pretty pennies than 3 Step Divorce, and the catch is there’s no guarantee the court will approve your fancy papers.

They charge $750 just for their basic package, which only differs from 3 Step Divorce in that they serve your spouse on your behalf via email. That’s one expensive email. You want the whole nine yards? That’s going to cost you $2500. 


It’s Over Easy offers a high-end online divorce experience and provides services that even the highest-rated online divorce provider—3 Step Divorce—won’t give you. 

If you’ve got the money and are willing to spend it on this and not a tropical vacation, then this is an option for you. 

If you’re interested to learn more about what they can offer you, check out their site here. 

#3: Rocket Lawyer – 7.3/10 (Best Budget Option for Uncontested Divorce in Texas)

Rocket Lawyer offers effective legal services that come with some heavy drawbacks. Like kids’ cereal, it’s relatively cheap but will send you into a sugar coma. 


Rocket Lawyer will give reliable legal advice beyond the divorce. 

They’ve got a competitively priced monthly subscription at $39/month that gives you access to an online account where you can fill out your divorce forms and get a 30-minute consultation with an attorney to answer any of your questions. 

They stand out from the crowd because they’re the only Texas service provider to offer a consultation with an attorney. On top of this, their competitive price makes them the cheapest option available. It’s like buying candy in bulk. 


Consider yourself warned. Like a narcissist, Rocket Lawyer has a dark side. 

Yes, they’ll give you legal advice, but since your attorney won’t specialize in divorce, it’s like eating store-bought cinnamon buns instead of homemade ones. 

Like every other Texas divorce provider, they have an online system to fill out divorce documents and they do have customer service available to you. All that being said, the forms aren’t customized to the state of Texas, and they don’t have the simplest filing process. Despite having an attorney to help you answer questions, you’ll have to do the hard work of figuring out what to file where. 

You want an easy, uncontested divorce that is guaranteed by the court. Rocket Lawyer doesn’t give you this. 


When it comes to divorce, Rocket Lawyer is like bland vanilla ice cream, it’s still ice cream, so it’s good, but it lacks personality. 

You’ll receive a complimentary consultation with an attorney and they are the cheapest option, but the attorney does not specialize in divorce matters and, unlike 3 Step Divorce, they don’t guarantee that the court will approve your divorce paperwork. 

Using Rocket Lawyer comes at a cost, and that is the waste of your precious time. You’d be better off using 3 Step Divorce so you can get on with your life quickly. 

#4: Divorce Writer 

I listed Divorce Writer as #4 because they offer a lot for a Texas divorce, but not enough to get them into the top three. Like the fourth-place runner in a race, they just didn’t give the extra push. 

They’ll refund the difference if you find a better price (so they’re kind on the wallet), their system is fairly easy to use, and (hopefully, it won’t take you this long) if you need two years to fill out the divorce paperwork, they’ll save it for you. 

The yucky part is their customer service. 

Finalizing a divorce is emotionally and mentally difficult. There is a lot of attorney jargon and without a dedicated customer service representative, you’re going to struggle to properly understand the divorce paperwork. 

Sadly, you don’t get the kind of support you need with Divorce Writer. It’s like having those “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” alert necklaces, but no one comes to your aid. 

Even sadder, the only help you get is in the form of snail mail. They don’t offer a live feature service so if you’ve got a burning question and need an answer right away, you’re out of luck. 

You do save money, but it’s not worth it compared with 3 Step Divorce

#5: LegalZoom

Like Divorce Writer, LegalZoom is also a general legal provider. An attorney from LegalZoom isn’t specialized in divorce. However, an attorney will review your divorce paperwork. 

You get the minimum when using LegalZoom, including a hassle-free, online system and average customer support. Where LegalZoom stands out is their attorney review of your divorce forms. They are the only company in my review that offers this service. 

This sounds pretty wicked in the best way, but there are a few issues here. Like candied apples, super sweet but they are disastrous for your teeth. 

Unfortunately, LegalZoom’s service is expensive at $499. There’s also a delay in the review of your forms. It takes up to 48 hours for them to get back to you, so the whole process will take more time than you’d likely prefer. 

If you want a divorce in Texas, and you want it guaranteed, don’t bother with LegalZoom. Instead, head straight to 3 Step Divorce to file for divorce. 

#6: One Stop Divorce

You can expect a decent level of service to file your divorce papers with One Stop Divorce, except they’ve got a couple odd traits. One Stop Divorce is like a wet gremlin past midnight, at one point it was cute, but when triggered it turns into a demon creature. 

You’ll be able to fill out your forms online just fine. (Yes, that rhymes!) You create an account and are able to fill out blank forms at the competitive price of $299. 

This is where things get weird. You can only view your documents a limited number of times. You also get hit with a $19/month fee after 30 days to keep YOUR documents on their server, which isn’t very fair. 

Yes, you’ll be able to fill out forms online, but it’s clear that customer service is not their priority.

And, now, the rest …

In seeking a Texas divorce online, you’ll realize there are two sides to the online divorce pancake. 

Filing for divorce isn’t something anyone wants to do, it’s a last resort. On one side of the pancake, you’ll find the divorce process made simple, with customer service designed with you in mind, and relatively painless (as much as that’s possible here). On the other, burnt side of the pancake, you’ll find the remaining companies I reviewed. 

The following four online divorce providers in Texas are like sleazy car salespeople, saying all the right things but never really following through on what they say they’re going to do. Looking great, delivering nothing more than a headache. 

It sounds meaner than a roast on comedy central, but when you read on, you’ll see why these don’t stack up for a Texas divorce. 

#7: Complete Case

Complete Case would make anyone a complete basket case if they were to use this divorce provider’s services to fill out their divorce forms. 

Yes, their website is pretty to look at, but beyond the superficial attraction, Complete Case isn’t very deep and this is why they’ve come in at #7. 

This would be funny if it weren’t true, but their systems don’t work on all browsers. Safari? Nope. Good luck filing your papers with a company that lives in the early 2000s. 

You’ve got to wait for snail mail to get your divorce forms. Yes, you read correctly, you can’t just print them and file at the court on your own. It’s like having a really nice kitchen but your stove doesn’t turn on so you can’t make cookies. It’s sad.

Once your forms are complete, kiss your ability to make any further changes goodbye! If by any chance you are human and make mistakes, you’ll have to redo the process. That does not sound fun. You’d rather be taking a bubble bath.

You need not be surprised. Their customer service is absolutely nothing stellar. If you find yourself stuck in any part of their online divorce process, you won’t be satisfied with their help. 

Normally I don’t take customer reviews super seriously because I’ve got no way to verify their veracity. However, 15 percent of their reviews are only one star. 

Here’s a rating that gives you an idea of the negative reviews for Complete Case. 


Towards the bottom of the barrel is 

They are by far the cheapest and, as with anything cheap, you get what you pay for. Because their forms are not current, they basically have a defective product, so it’s not even worth the money you might save. 

The court will not approve of any form you receive from because it’s not legally valid. The one thing they are supposed to provide, they don’t. It’s like going to McDonald’s and they’ve run out of McChicken sauce. 

So you’ll fork out the money for a product that doesn’t even do what it advertises only to have the court throw out your forms with a look of disapproval and a hint of judgment because you chose 

Stay away. 


It only gets worse from here, folks, because with Online Divorce not only will you get an expired product, you’ll also be giving your hard-earned money to a company that couldn’t care less about providing you with a great experience. 

They help you fill out divorce forms so that you can bring them to the court in Texas for approval, all without an attorney. The thing is, their reviews basically say they suck. 

34 percent of their reviews gave them a one-star rating. That’s pretty bad. 

That’s a third of customers saying “If you have any sort of self-respect, you’re going to steer clear of OnlineDivorce.” 

Stay away from them. 

#10: GetDivorcePapers

How did GetGivorcePapers end up in pathetic last place? One reason: terrible, terrible reviews. 

Somehow they managed to get even more terrible reviews than all the other companies so far. 

64 percent of their reviews are one-starred. It would be funny if they weren’t negatively impacting real people who need a divorce, have real hearts, and only want to get their divorce filed and over with. 

It’s almost like they are trying to get a whole whack of negative reviews.

Do yourself a huge favor and don’t give them any more of your precious time. They’ve gotten way more than they deserve. 

The Bottom Line

3 Step Divorce is the obvious choice compared with all the other online divorce companies in Texas right now. 

They are the most simple to use, they have noteworthy customer service, their customizable divorce documents are easy to fill out and the cherry on top?—they guarantee that your divorce forms will be approved by the court. 

3 Step Divorce’s website looks like Snooki after a night of partying Jersey style, but it’s acceptable because the user experience isn’t as horrible as her drunken escapades. 

You want a hassle-free online Texas divorce from your spouse that won’t cause any headaches, so use 3 Step Divorce now


Here’s the boring part, where I describe how I came to my conclusions using tried and true testing methodologies. Thanks to Mr. Elliot, my high school science teacher for instilling pride in my scientific approach! And also for being a stereotypical high school science teacher. 

Step 1: Initial Online Divorce Service List

Trusty Google came to my rescue! I searched “online divorce” in Texas, returning 14 results, and I removed any that didn’t have to do anything with the state where everything’s bigger. 

Step 2: Online Reviews

Step #2 meant reading reviews online, which to be honest was pretty fun. It was like I was a reviewer of reviews, trying to see which ones were made by people who had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and which ones were made by Texas customers who were rightly disgruntled by poor service. 

As you might expect, some Texas companies had positive reviews, others had mixed reviews, and still others had reviews so bad you’d wonder how they manage to stay in business. 

Step 3: Product Analysis

I cut out those that had absolutely nothing to offer. Once I made the cuts, I took into consideration the remaining companies’ services so that you can get your online divorce in Texas. 

  • What kind of spousal advice do they offer in Texas? What does their spousal support look like?
  • Do they assist in goods division?
  • How much do they cost in Texas?
  • How do they save your divorce documents? Do they help with divorce forms preparation? How are your forms filed in Texas? Do they offer blank forms?
  • What kinds of resources do they have in Texas? How much self-help is encouraged?
  • Do their services include an attorney? How involved is the attorney? What can you expect out of the attorney-client relationship? Is it a law firm or merely a divorce lawyer in Texas?
  • Do they offer family services in Texas? What happens if you have children? Does it matter if you have only one child? How knowledgeable are they in family law?
  • Are they helpful in custody law in Texas? What if you need to dispute the child support deal?
  • How do they mediate between spouses? What does their Texas divorce process look like?
  • What kinds of filing instructions do they give you? How does one go about completing a file in Texas?
  • In what Texas county do they offer divorce services?
  • What if you need to dispute property in Texas? What about a Texas divorce petition?
  • How are you notified when the paperwork is complete?
  • How user-friendly is their website? Are all the services completed online?
  • How do they determine fault in Texas?
  • What is their customer service process like? Do they offer live chat?

Step 4: Interviews with Actual Customers

This step triggered my social anxiety because instead of hiding behind a computer I actually had to talk to actual customers and see if the reviews online reflected their experiences.  Getting an online divorce is never fun; however, some companies make online divorce more awful than others. Some customers were so unimpressed they would’ve given the divorce service providers zero stars if they could. Burn. 

Step 5: Interviews with Each Online Divorce Service

In Step #5, it was time to ask the companies that provide online Texas divorce services what they thought of their online reviews. Time to find out who is apologetic and takes responsibility and who tries to sneak their way out of addressing what customers have identified as real issues. As you can imagine, those that helped file for divorce with a smile scored higher and those that only claimed to provide a divorce in Texas scored lower. 

Step 6: Test Drives

In this step I put the online divorce companies to the test by starting the divorce process using their software and proceeding as far as I could without actually divorcing my spouse (still love you, babe).

I used my information and inputted it in their systems to see if their claims about how easy it was to use their divorce services were true. 

Step 7: Ratings

Last, but certainly not least, I compared all the results of the previous steps coming out with the final rating. I looked at all the online divorce providers in Texas and discovered who came out on top and who fell to the bottom. 

Those who came up in the top three provided a fast divorce, were competitively priced, and had the highest-rated customer service. 

Best Washington Online Divorce Review Summary

This review is for you. Like a custom-made onesie, you get something that fits your unique needs, bum flap and all. The process of filling out divorce papers isn’t something you want to do, but it’s something you know you have to do, and because it’s a chore I wanted to lighten the load and make it as simple as possible. 

3 Step Divorce is the clear choice because their system is the easiest to use to file for a divorce in Texas without needing to hire an attorney. 

They stand out from the crowd with their customizable online divorce forms and customer service, and, most importantly, they guarantee that the court will approve your divorce.

3 Step Divorce is also competitively priced. For $299 you receive everything you need to get divorced online in Texas: 

  • Instant support from their customer service representatives if you have a range of questions, from spousal support to how to fill out blank forms
  • Customizable forms to pinpoint any issues with your spouse
  • Immediate access to your forms online
  • Self-help resources available to you at any time 
  • Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy instructions for filing your divorce paperwork

And of course, they are the ONLY providers helping you with the process of filing for divorce online that guarantee approval by the court in Texas. 

Your time is better spent indulging in self-care activities than stressing out over which online divorce provider to use. You’re looking for the simplest way to end your marriage in Texas, so head on over to 3 Step Divorce now.

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